Christmas at Roos and tips not to arrive too much

It's Christmas! Delicious! In this Christmas at Roos blog I want to give you a look in my Christmas with my family. How I do these four and what I do (or actually do not do). And I also give you tips on how you can ensure that you do not overeat and end up too much.

I love Christmas

I think Christmas is fantastic. Only the thoughts about Christmas give me a warm and cozy feeling. Delicious. The first time I hear a Christmas song, a smile automatically appears on my face and I sing along unabashedly. When Sinterklaas is squeezed out again (because Sinterklaas never says goodbye, he drops the packages and nudes him to Spain again immediately) then the forerunner starts with me at Christmas. During the work I sometimes put on a Christmas playlist, not always because otherwise I will become a bit too jolly, and I will swing along nicely. And while I enjoy the snow outside (from behind the windows), I sing along with the Christmas songs and snuggle on the couch with candles, my husband is only whining.

My husband has nothing at all with Christmas

He hates snow and finds most Christmas songs 'disastrous'. The only thing he says all the time is: 'What a bad weather, I wish I was in South Africa. There it is warm at least 'Two years ago I went to Africa with Christmas, and it really did not work for me. Seeing Christmas trees everywhere while you're sweating in your bikini is not right for me. It must be cold, it must be rotten so you can sit inside and enjoy candlelight, good food, good drinks and each other.
What do you think?

Christmas at Roos: That's how it is with us!

I am very curious what you are going to do at Christmas and whether you are going to do something at all. I sometimes hear people go out on Christmas, go skiing, go for walks and things like that. That is not the Christmas I celebrate with my family. With us, Christmas is unabashedly full of pushing and zero moving. I think my family does the crown in this. And I love it. My husband, of course, a little less. He can not stand, just sit, eat and drink all afternoon, evening and half-night. What makes it even more of a drama for him is that he is our only morning person.

No matter how late he goes to bed and how many beers my father and I try to sell to him: at 7.00 am he is rise and shine. The only one. Because around 11 a.m. there will be some movement in the house of Lieshout. Then my husband has been there for 4 hours! Four hours from total boredom. After we have 'breakfasted' around noon, we have a chat in the garden room.

Then around 15.00 hours the coffee with cakes and we move to the living room to sit and chat. Around 17.00 hours it is bubbling time and the first wines and snacks come out. Around 8 pm we move to the big table for dinner. And around 22.00 we will sit in the living room for, yes, coffee and .... 'Does anyone want cake?'

And then ... Then we are not done yet, because around 23.00 the bottles of wine open again. And we aim a few more nuts and toasts in our mik.
That's how it is with us. I think it's dellicious. My husband did not, so I gave them half a day 'free'. He goes from 7 am to 6 pm to our own house to run around and later join our 4th session that day.

Christmas silos

As many personal coaches, dietitians and weight consultants say:

You do not get fat between Christmas and New Year's Eve, you get fat between New Year's Eve and Christmas.

Of course you arrive during the holidays, but that does not matter. If you pick up your old diet again after that, you will be well again after a week or two.
But pay attention to one thing: make sure that those Christmas and New Year's Eve kilos are finished before you go to the next dinners, parties and drinks.

Because if it is not finished and you are going to get going again, you will get the snowball effect. It starts with a 3 kilo ball, but gradually it becomes more and heavier. Until you realize before the summer that you are 6 kilos heavier than before Christmas. But then you should not blame that fantastic and beautiful Christmas. Remember that!

Some tips to keep your eating behavior under control

Do not think the whole Christmas: I do not have to eat too much because then I get too much. You do not shoot anything with that and you can no longer enjoy it. There is also a good chance that at a given moment you think: well, it does not interest me anymore and then you start to stuff yourself under the guise of 'I'll see that later'.

Just take it easy and relaxed and if you follow the following tips it may be that you only get 2 kilos instead of 3 kilos.

  • Go further away from the snacks, chips etc. You have to make a little more effort to get something and therefore you eat less of it than when you are sitting right next to it.
  • Alternate each glass of wine with a glass of water. In this way you not only drink less, but you also make sure that you supplement your fluid and that your stomach is fuller.
  • Only eat the things that you really like. This may sound like an open door, but secretly we often eat something about the food and not even because we really like it. It is actually a shame, because those 'not so tasty' snacks are also 'not so tasty' kilocalories. These can end in 'not so nice' kilos that you have to take off again. And that is 'not so nice'.
  • Do not try to be so with that food. The more you try to keep yourself in, the more you are only busy with the food.There is a good chance that you will be in a fight for half an evening (I will eat it or I will not eat it), so you will miss the fun and conversation of your family and friends in the evening. So focus on them.
  • Put some healthy things on the table such as carrots, strips of pepper, radishes and slices of cucumber with hummus or another dip. Ideal to continue snacking without having to work in too many kilocalories?
  • Never eat and eat without thought. If you put something in your mouth, know what you eat. Chew slowly and let the taste work well on you. Enjoy every bite! Too often we stop a handful of nuts in our mouths. Did we swallow it after 1 second and we do not really know what we just ate. That way you eat too much too quickly.
    But if you eat consciously, you eat more slowly and less.

Merry Christmas!

Then I have one thing left: to wish you a very nice, beautiful, cozy, warm and loving Christmas. Enjoy each other, love each other and realize how happy you are with the people and things that are in your life.

And for this time, you forget everything you do not have. Because that is not important at all.
Merry Christmas!

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