Development baby 2 months old

Now you baby 2 months old you will notice that the muscles of your baby are getting stronger and stronger. Your baby can now keep the head upright for one minute without wobbling up and down all the time. Your little one can now exercise more control over the legs and arms. From 2 months old your baby will roll over, drool and put everything in the mouth. Make sure you pay extra attention to safety! The best part is that your baby recognizes your face, starts to respond and you start studying. In this blog more about the development and what a baby 2 months old can do.

In short, with a baby 2 months old

  • Your baby is going to grab things, grab them and put them in the mouth.
  • Your baby will soon be able to roll over.
  • Keep the bibs ready because from this month you can expect a lot of slobbering.
  • Do you also think of your partner?
  • When did you last out for the last time?

The development of your baby from 2 months old

  • Grabbing to stuff

    From the 9 weeks onwards, your baby will grab things more with the hands and try to grab everything. In the beginning this will not go very smoothly because your baby does not have good motor skills yet. When you notice that your baby wants to grab baby things, give him or her soft towels and hugs. Then little can go wrong. Do you really want to impress your baby? Then give him a rattle.

  • Extra safety

    The fact that your child is now going to grab more stuff is of course great fun, but it does bring new dangers. Your baby brings everything that he or she picks up to the mouth. So be careful with small toys because your baby can suffocate or choke. It is also better not to leave stuff or toys within 'gripping distance' that have sharp edges, can break off or splinter.

  • Roll over

    When your baby is more than 2 months old, it may happen that your baby rolls over for the first time! And this new trick also brings dangers. This way your baby can easily roll off the changing table or the couch. So always keep this in mind. Right now you should never leave your baby alone unless he or she is lying in the playpen or bed.

  • Start by reading aloud

    It is always important to continue to stimulate the language development of your baby every day. Now that your baby can focus more, he also sees that you can make sound with your mouth. And that is of course very interesting. He or she will study your lips and maybe even try to imitate you. Encourage this by articulating well and have a chat with your baby. That will be enjoyed anyway!
    What you can now start with is read aloud. Of course with different voices and preferably with gestures.

  • Drooling

    With a little bit of spit you might have been able to keep it dry, but that is soon over. Your baby stops everything was he or she runs into the mouth and chews a lot. This is very good as an exercise for later. The disadvantage is that the salivary glands automatically run overtime. Your baby is drooling! That's going to be bibs and hydrophilic diapers!

How are mom, dad and parents?

In all the hustle and bustle of your life with new baby you would almost forget that you also have a partner. Sin of course because right now you need each other. So give each other love, try to spend some time together by arranging a babysitter and always keep talking to each other. Now that your baby is a bit older, you can do well with the two of you. Would not mind grandfather and grandmother at all.

  • Back to work

    Every new mother is entitled to 10 to 12 weeks of maternity leave and these are unfortunately over this month. Or do you just want to get back to work?
    If you start working again and breastfeeding, it is good to think about whether you want to continue breastfeeding or not. In principle, your employer is obliged to give you a space to gently pump. Discuss this with your employer so that he or she can take this into account.


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Tip of the month with a baby 2 months old

Have a nice evening out with friends or with your partner and try to talk about something else than your baby, diapers and drool. Maybe you prefer to go to bed initially, but you will notice that as soon as you are outside the door, you have really missed it.

Perhaps you can even consider taking a nice alcoholic snack. Delicious! You can also get married to drink a wine when you are breastfeeding, you just have to wait 3 hours with feeding or pumping. At that time the alcohol has left your body. Of course that does not count if you have thrown 2 bottles of wine backwards. Then you better wait a bit longer. So drink in moderation.

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