28 weeks pregnant

You are 28 weeks pregnant and that means you have reached a new milestone: the third and last trimester! These last steps will literally weigh the heaviest. Your baby increases in weight every week, which means that your stomach is getting bigger and heavier.

Exercising will become increasingly difficult in the coming weeks and you will probably be tired sooner. Sleeping will also be more difficult and you may suffer from scary dreams. This is (unfortunately) included. In any case, never doubt yourself. You're going to be a good mother anyway!

Your baby is becoming more and more proportionate

Since a few weeks the body of your child is growing considerably so that the head is not so big anymore. Your baby is increasingly looking like a newborn baby. At this moment your baby is just as big as an aubergine (35 centimeters) and he or she has a weight of 900 grams. Almost a kilo!

The cartilage of your baby is now slowly turning into bone. Only the skull remains of cartilage otherwise it becomes impossible to squeeze your baby out. A good time after the birth, the skull will also become harder.

28 Weeks pregnant: The baby tastes what you eat

Your child's senses have become more sophisticated over the past few weeks, such as hearing and vision. Now the taste is also developing. Thanks to the taste buds that your baby now receives, he or she can taste the amniotic fluid. The amniotic fluid tastes like what you have eaten!

Make sure you have enough rest!

Leaving yourself always passing by will cause you more problems than if you take your rest from time to time. Now that you have been 28 weeks pregnant your stomach is getting heavier and that brings pelvic instability (as indicated at week 27). In addition to sufficient rest, it is important to stay in motion. Do you swim, for example? Swimming is a very good way to move when you are 28 weeks pregnant.

Sleeping lighter and dreaming

Your body prepares for the delivery in many ways. Perhaps you have already noticed that you sleep much lighter than before. This is a natural phenomenon that will soon ensure that you hear your baby right away. Because you sleep light you can also remember your dreams better and they are not always pleasant at the moment.

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Your fears come to the fore in your dreams and that can sometimes make you very worried. Do not worry too much about it, because if you start to worry yourself you will sleep worse with all its consequences. If you stay 28 weeks pregnant when you are pregnant, talk to others about it and especially with other mothers. They will probably know exactly what you are talking about and can reassure you in the right way.

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