Baby farms, unfortunately reality

Somewhere everyone hoped that baby farms were a terrible nightmare, but unfortunately this is not the case. Sri Lanka recognizes that illegal acts have been carried out in their adoption program from the 1980s, including baby farms. Tonight, the study on this adoption fraud will be broadcasted in the television program Zembla.

Great adoption deception

In the 1980s, thousands of babies from Sri Lanka were adopted by Dutch couples. The accused adoption agency Stichting Flash even had the Netherlands as the largest buyer and it appears afterwards that the adoption papers have been forged. The mothers of the children were not the biological mothers and any brothers and sisters were kept out of the papers. The children who were adopted at that time are now all grown up. Now that the adoption deception has come to light, more and more questions arise. What happened then?

Babies stolen and baby farms

The conscious adoption agency used two disgusting ways to reach babies on a large scale. The first way was with the help of baby farms. Women were made pregnant there and had to give up the baby immediately. These were then sold on the adoption market. The second way was to steal babies from the hospital. The biological mothers were told that their child had unfortunately died, but in both cases there was no question of voluntary custody of the children.

Acting mothers

After the brutally pointing 'collecting' of the babies with baby farms, they had to be offered for adoption. For this, 'acting mothers' were employed who pretended to be the biological mother. They received money for this and their names were included in the papers or the names were forged.

Where is mommy?

For the adults it is quite a difficult task to find out who their mother is. She is nowhere to be found in the papers. The minister of health Dr Rajitha Senaratne offers help with a DNA bank. This could possibly help to reunite parents with children.

Follow the study on adoptive fraud with baby farms

Want to know more about this adoption fraud with baby farms? On Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 9.15 pm on NPO 2 you can see how Zembla leaves for Sri Lanka to investigate the adoption practices from this dark past. Why was this done? By who? And who benefited from this?

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