Tips for the temperature method

With the temperature method you can investigate when you are ovulating. By measuring and maintaining the body temperature every day you can see when the ovulation is. If your ovulation comes, your body temperature will rise and you will be fertile. If you record your temperature every morning with the temperature method, then there are a few special circumstances that you have to pay attention to. These can affect your measurements. Follow our tips for the temperature method and your measurements are influenced as little as possible.

3 Tips for the temperature method

Temperature method and transition to summer time or winter time

Usually you notice little about the transition to summer or winter time. But if it falls just in the middle of your fertile period, it can be very annoying. If you are lucky then your body does not matter if you get up at 7 o'clock or at 8 o'clock. Your temperature is then just the same at the time the alarm goes. But for a number of women that is certainly not always the case. If your body is sensitive to time differences, it is advisable to adjust all your measurement moments already in the week before the clock is changed.
For example: You get up every morning at 6 o'clock.

At the transition to winter time:

Friday 6.00 (summer time)
Saturday 6.20 (summer time)
Put your alarm clock at winter time before going to bed.
Sunday 5.40 (winter time)
Monday 6.00 (winter time)

At the transition to summer time:

Friday 6.00 (winter time)
Saturday 5.40 (winter time)
Put your alarm clock at daylight saving time before bedtime
Sunday 6.20 (summer time)
Monday 6.00 (summer time)

Temperature method and travel to a different time zone

If you travel to a different time zone you have to follow the same schedule as in the transition to summer time and winter time. The impact that the changing of time zone has is the same as the impact of a jet lag. Keep in mind that your temperature may not be too accurate this month. If the trip takes place well before or after your ovulation, then you do not have to do a difficult job and you can just go to the new time when you wake up.
If the trip falls in the middle of your fertile period, make the same step-by-step plan as with the summer time / winter time. Keep in mind that your temperatures may fall higher or lower due to the shift in your sleep rhythm.

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Temperature method and night shifts

If you work night shifts then it is important not to assume a temperature in the morning. There will be many mornings that you will not wake up, but only go to sleep. Then assume the temperature at the moment you wake up, whether that is in the morning or in the evening.
It is important to measure your temperature when you wake up to your longest, quietest moment of sleep. If you work many different services then you will notice that it is more difficult to interpret your measurements. You will see a clear pattern of higher and lower temperatures depending on your work schedule. Often you are well able to observe your temperature increase. It is important to use your other fertility signals as an extra check.

Do you have any tips for the temperature method to determine your fertile period? Let me know below so I can add them to this blog.

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