The opening up phase of the delivery

The opening phase is the second phase of your delivery. You are in this phase when your contractions return about every 5 minutes and last for a minute. In this phase you will notice that the pain of the contractions is more intense. This is caused by the fact that your uterine wall is stretched further and further. Although we gave the advice during the latent phase to continue your daily activities, this will be a lot more difficult at this stage. This is because the contractions are so intense that you have to catch them.

Gradual disclosure

In the first phase of your delivery (the latent phase) your access is increased to 3 to 4 centimeters. In the opening phase will the opening up continue to about 7 inches. If your contractions occur every 3 minutes, you have an inch of access every hour.
Note the words 'average'. Every pregnancy is different, so you can go slower or faster.

When to take action in the opening phase?

Do you have a midwife? Usually he or she has already indicated at what time you can call. Is this your first delivery and the process is running at a normal pace (so you started with contractions that came every 10 minutes and that is now 5 minutes) you can call if your contractions have been around every 4 to 5 minutes .

In this phase of the delivery It is important that you keep track of how often the contractions occur and try to take action on time. If you give birth at home, make sure that your belongings are ready and that the room where you are going to give birth is arranged as desired.

At how many hospitals call?

Are you going to give birth in the hospital? If this is the first time you like it, it is customary that you leave for the hospital when you 6 centimeter access have.
If this is not your first child, you will go to the hospital at 4 to 5 centimeters. This is therefore earlier than with your first delivery because as a rule the delivery of a second or third child is faster. This can sometimes go twice as fast! So make sure you are on time and do not compare this situation with your first delivery!

When is the unlocking phase over?

As the name implies, it means the opening up phase that your access to so far that it is almost time to squeeze. In the unlocking phase you do not yet have a direct urge to press, you will get this in the 'transitional phase' that follows. There are, for that matter, many people who do not name the transition phase separately, but who count on the development phase.
The opening up phase ends when you have about 8 centimeter access.

Medication during delivery

In the Netherlands you have the right to pain control during childbirth. You can choose this in advance.
Have you previously indicated that you do not want medication, but do you notice during pregnancy that it is too much? You can always indicate that you still want the pain relief. The medication is administered during the development phase.
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