Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is fine and is not dangerous for your little one. Your baby will get almost nothing, except for some extra fluctuations if you get an orgasm. But that feels like a nice caress for your baby. Chances are that you do not have to think about sex in the first trimester because you are hanging over the toilet or just want to sleep. That usually changes completely in the second trimester. Enjoy it even more, because by the end of your pregnancy, having sex becomes more and more a challenge. Read more about sex during pregnancy here.

Sex during first weeks of pregnancy

Do you not feel like sex in your first trimester? You are not the only one! In fact, many pregnant women have lower libido during the first weeks of pregnancy. That is not so strange because many women are already busy with the morning sickness, the sensitive and painful breasts and other pregnancy ailments. In addition, it may also be that you are simply tired and especially want to sleep in bed instead of doing other things.

Does your partner think differently? Then explain it clearly. It is possible that your partner does not understand it in the beginning. That is because there is still nothing visible of the pregnancy. Except for your growing breasts, they are visible. And that does not help at all.

Is sex dangerous during pregnancy?

Sex during pregnancy is not dangerous or harmful to your baby. Your baby is safely 'packed' in amniotic fluid and membranes. Nothing really can recover here, not even a penis. It is also not dangerous when you come during sex. In fact, your baby thinks that extra wave movement in the womb! An orgasm may feel different now that you are pregnant. That is because your uterus is going to contract slightly. This can feel like mild contractions. But do not worry, your baby will still be seated for a while.

Sex during pregnancy pain

Sex should not hurt during pregnancy. However, an orgasm can feel different. Sometimes they feel like mild contractions. If you are in the last trimester you may suffer from a hard stomach after orgasm. This causes an unpleasant feeling, but luckily it does not hurt. A hard belly may last for a few hours, then it drops again. Sometimes women have a painful belly after sex. Even then there is no reason for panic. Pack a nice warm jug or enjoy a hot bath or hot shower and the pain will probably decrease.

Creative pregnancy positions

At the end of your pregnancy, some positions will become less pleasant for the woman and may cause pain. So be creative and try some of the following:

  • You sit on the 'lap' of your partner while he is sitting on a firm (!) Chair.
  • Spoon spoon where your husband lies behind you.
  • Nice on top.
  • Missionary attitude (he on top) in which he leans on his hands and knees.
  • On the edge of the bed: you lie at the edge with your legs spread and your partner is on his knees in front of you.

Greater chance of orgasm!

The biggest advantage of having sex during pregnancy is that you have a greater chance of orgasm! You have been warned! The reason why there is a higher orgasm 'danger' is because your uterine wall, clitoris and labia are more perfused. Because of this they are also more sensitive and faster stimulated. Some women who have never finished their sex, are now having sex during pregnancy! So enjoy! And special position lingerie for sale for pregnant women.

Blood loss after sex is pregnant

It can happen that you have some blood loss during or after sex. The uterine wall is more bleeding during pregnancy than usual. If your partner's penis touches this wall, it may be that a blood vessel is cracking. The blood loss will not be much, probably a few drops. If you lose more blood, contact your midwife or general practitioner for safety.

When can you have no sex?

Sometimes it is better to leave the sex during pregnancy. That is when you:

  • Muzzles are broken.
  • Suffer from blood loss.
  • For you 37ste week have had contractions.
  • Increased chance of premature birth.
  • Partner has an STI.
  • Totally do not feel like having sex!

Of course you should not have a community if your midwife has said that you should not do this. But that is logical.

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