The pill: insurance or better self-payment?

Many Dutch people are fully insured. This applies mainly to health insurance. In many cases you will lose more insurance premium than what you will eventually receive in return. For example with a dental insurance or an additional cover for your glasses or lenses. But the contraceptive pill is often also insured, although this does not always pay off. Independer explains how it is to insure the pill with the comprehensive health insurance comparator.

Reimbursement of the pill until your 21st

For insured persons up to the age of 21, the pill is still reimbursed under the basic insurance. For young people under 18 is also no deductible, so the pill for them is 'free'. Insured persons aged 18 and over pay the excess of 385 euros. So do not make other healthcare costs and if you are between 18 and 21 years old, you also pay the pill yourself. Obviously, the costs of the pill after 21 years are not reimbursed.

Will the pill be reimbursed to 21 years? What are the costs of the contraceptive pill and when is it cheaper to pay yourself?

Supplying additional insurance only for the pill is disadvantageous

The costs of the contraceptive pill differ per brand, but are roughly between 10 and 40 euros per year. For a supplementary insurance you will soon pay 70 euros per year. Taking out supplementary insurance specifically for the pill is therefore unwise. Despite the fact that the pill is reimbursed, you pay a much higher premium for this. You can read more about this on the Independer website. An independent explanation does not become much more complete. There is clearly defined per age group when it is wise or not wise to take out supplementary insurance for the pill.

Need more additional care?

Do you need an extensive supplementary package anyway? For example, because you often have to go to the physiotherapist, use a lot of medication or regularly visit a skin therapist? Then there is often a compensation for the pill in such a package. In that case, it is of course nice to include because to insure the pill automatic is included.

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