This is what women miss most during pregnancy!

Every woman who wants to be pregnant is very happy and grateful. After all, how wonderful it is to create a new life (you will do it for a short while) and later expand your family. Awesome! But still ... Being pregnant is not always about roses.
You can suffer from pregnancy ailments and you can delete almost half of the delicious food from your menu. But that is not all, also other side effects make the pregnancy sometimes slightly less rose scent and moonshine. And what women miss the most during pregnancy? We asked our followers and here is the list!
If you still miss something: complete it!

Top 5: What do women miss most during pregnancy?

  1. Raw products such as roast beef, filet americain and smoked fish

    Now that you are pregnant, it seems as if everything you liked was raw. Because in one go you have every day such a sense in sushi, smoked salmon, filet americain, carpaccio or a delicious weird / medium fried steak. Or how about a half-cooked egg? Delicious all, but unfortunately you have to miss this 9 months.

  2. Alcohol

    In the second place in the list of women missing the most during pregnancy is alcohol. Because what is it nice to drink a red wine in the evening. Or what about a glass of prosecco to celebrate something (and every day is a party right?). Still in wine? try this alcohol-free wine!

  3. Special cheeses

    Of course you can still eat the cheeses that are not made from raw milk, but the real cheese lover in heart and soul sometimes just loves the cheese that is made from raw milk. Annoying!

  4. Fresh pies and chocolate mousse with raw egg

    Sometimes the most delicious desserts, pastries and chocolate mousse contain raw egg. And raw egg is also on the 'red list' during pregnancy. Fortunately, there is still a lot of different pastries, cakes and desserts that you can! Stupid that during your pregnancy you just want to go to those products that are not allowed.

  5. Caffeine

    A delicious cup of coffee or tea is allowed, but then in moderation. Officially you can only have 1 cup of coffee per day! Since during pregnancy you do not have a very good night's sleep (think of 8 times urinating at night and a stomach that is in the way), it is of course too little to wake up. And you can already completely forget an energy drink. That will be heavy !!

Other things that many women miss during pregnancy:

  1. A good night's rest:

    Or you have to pee all the time, or you can not sleep because your stomach is too big. Especially in the last months you will involuntarily practice quite a lot with broken nights. Fortunately, your maternity leave will come closer and closer.

  2. Use nasal spray:

    If you have a bad cold, you can not use a nasal spray. Yes, okay, well the one with saline that is also for babies, but it actually does not work for a meter. That will be fun with sleep!

  3. Do not depend on your bladder:

    Driving a car, long meeting, walking a bit? It all gets a lot harder now that you have to go to the bathroom every half hour or every fifteen minutes. And then really go to the toilet. Your bladder determines your day.

  4. Feel yourself normal:

    You only need to see 1 advertisement about animal suffering and you are inconsolable. It is only when you pass out that you burst into sobs or shoot completely out of your sheaf again. You are also more irritated and a lot more unreasonable. And you mean it all that well! It seems like you have lost yourself a bit.

  5. Can move normally:

    Just tying your shoelaces, lifting up your child or running after him is not going to happen anymore. You literally feel a disabled walrus.

  6. Sleep on your stomach:

    Are you actually a belly sleeper? That is of course impossible at the end of your pregnancy.

  7. Fun, hip and maybe sexy dresses:

    Pregnant women are beautiful, but whether you feel super sexy. Sometimes you can best miss to appear radiantly dressed in your most beautiful dress at a party or a drink. Everything is now a lot less charming.

Is there something not yet on this list of what do women miss most during pregnancy? Or do you just want to respond? Grab your moment, because that way we can support each other!

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