Roos writes: Things you do if you want to become pregnant

During my attempts to get a sperm cell to score my egg, my attempts to conceive, I found out that I now do things differently than before. The period in which I did not want to become pregnant was, in retrospect, a wonderful period in which I was unconstrained and fresh. I have now found out. Life was just a lot easier. Now that's a bit less. Now there is behavior visible to me that I did not do at first. Sometimes I come open to it, but some things I secretly do. Perhaps you also recognize these things that you do when you want to become pregnant.
I really hope that I am not the only one ...

  1. Sex plans

    One of the most recognizable things you do when you want to become pregnant is: sex planning. And especially, of course, during the week that you are ovulating. If this week has arrived, I will take my 'Period Calender app' and my agenda and I will see when I should have sex. Okay, my ovulation is on Thursday. Then I have to start a few days in advance.

    So then I can have sex on Monday, then on Wednesday and yes ... I'll take that Thursday too. Just to be sure. Then it would succeed.

    To be honest: sometimes I sometimes forget that I still have a partner who plays a pretty crucial role. But I always tell him my schedule. Then he knows that again ...

  2. Sex becomes purely a means to a higher goal

    Having sex because we can not stay away from each other? Because I can not be stopped anymore? Making love because we love each other so much? Uhm ... No ... I want to have sex because I want a baby. Oh, and because it's nice too ... And of course because I love my husband. But actually mainly because I want a baby.

  3. You are secretly jealous of all pregnant women

    Every time I see a pregnant woman walking, I am very happy for her, but secretly very jealous. Well to be honest: if I do not know her, I'm mostly a bit jealous. She does. And you know what's the worst. It seems like there are more pregnant women now than ever! Or is this the same as with cars? You know: if you have bought a new car, you will see your car driving everywhere at once.

  4. You find pregnant women who complain a little irritating

    The same applies of course to this: 'they do' principle. While I hear the lamentation of a pregnant friend about her pregnancy ailments, the only thing that haunts my head (while I really do everything to live with): BUT YOU ARE AT LEAST PREGNANT !!!!!!

    I would like to say that I am certainly happy for my friends and all other women in the world who are pregnant. The chance is also very great that when I am pregnant myself, I am also complaining about my pregnancy ailments. I promise you that I will read this piece again.

  5. You are creating king in false hope

    In the week of the possible implantation I feel everything that happens in my body. Everything that is not normal is a blur of hope: would I be pregnant ?! That stitch that I felt was that implantation pain? Am I nauseous? Do my breasts hurt? Very tiring this. And almost every month you are quite sure that you are really pregnant right now.

  6. You sometimes stop in the baby row of the supermarket

    Sometimes conscious, sometimes unconsciously I walk through the 'baby line'. The row of diapers, baby food and teats. Then I sigh full of desire and walk on again. The real diehards can not resist even sometimes entering a Prénatal. What are those clothes still APPEAR !!

  7. With outing plans you secretly take into account a possible pregnancy

    When planning outings, dinners, weekends or even better: carnival, there is always one thing in my mind. Maybe I am pregnant then ... And do I want to go there when I am pregnant? I know it's stupid and does not make sense, but you still take a little bit of it into account.

More things that women want to do (secretly)

Below are a few things that you do if you want to become pregnant. I have not done it myself yet, but who knows: when the need increases:

  1. You pop up pregnancy supplements like a silly one

    Okay, I'll join this. In my kitchen cupboard are 'mommy supplements' with extra vitamin D, folic acid and fish fatty acids.

  2. You only have sex in 'baby-make' positions

    To increase your chances, you only have sex in the right positions. These are the positions where the sperm cells get the most space and less 'backflow' to travel as quickly as possible. These positions are: doggy, missionary position (you bottom) or spoonful.

  3. Offers for pregnancy tests? You're there

    Two for the price of 1 for a pregnancy test? You take advantage of it. In the meantime you have 5 tests at home.

  4. Secretly you do a pregnancy test a little too soon

    Jaaaahh, you know, you can only really do a pregnancy test if you do not have your period, but you, what does that sometimes mean! Sometimes you just can not resist to do a test earlier. Who knows!

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Things you do if you want to become pregnant! Do you remember a few that I have forgotten?

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