How fast sex after delivery?

Now that there is no belly the size of a pumpkin between you and your partner, it may be time that you have sex again. Or not? Because how quickly can and do you want sex after delivery?
That is very different for each woman. Some women have a higher libido than others. In addition, other factors also play a role in how quickly you have sex after giving birth, such as your mental condition, fatigue and physical condition. There is no law for this, but there are a number of important things that you can take into account.

When sex after childbirth?

Apart from whether you feel it tickle or not, it is not medically wise to go out of your way if you suffer from blood loss after giving birth. The question of how fast you can have sex after delivery is the answer of doctors and midwives: after 6 weeks.

Your body has recovered sufficiently during those 6 weeks. Are you already eager, wait at least until the moment that you no longer flows otherwise you can get an infection. Flowing after childbirth usually stops after 3 weeks, but it can also take longer.

How fast do you feel like sex after giving birth?

How fast partners have sex after delivery differs very much per couple. Sometimes the man wants to but the woman should not think about it. But it can also happen that your birth is still deeply engraved in your partner's memory and he does not yet see your vagina as a lust organ.

There are couples who dive between the sheets after 3 weeks, but there are also couples who wait more than half a year. In principle, these figures are also not important, since it is about you and your partner. Having sex depends on your body, but also on your mental condition. Other factors that affect your libido:

  • Hormones can lower your libido.
  • You're over-tired due to the broken nights.
  • You are distracted because you always have to think of your little miracle.
  • You can relax less.

When sex after cesarean section?

If you have had a caesarean section, your vagina has had less to endure, but of course it has been a big drain on your body. That is why the advice of doctors and midwives is to wait another 6 weeks. Most likely, you will not find this advice very bad as you will be very tired by the operation and you may also suffer from the abdominal wound.
Have you been ready before? In any case, wait with sex until you stop flowing!

Having sex after giving birth with stitches

Did they make a cut during delivery and are you attached? Wait with sex until the sutures are healed and it does not hurt anymore when touched. Always start very carefully and literally feel what feels good and what does not.

What does sex change after you have given birth?

Is sex the same after your birth? No not quite. Below are a few differences you can notice:

  • Your vagina is slightly drier. This is due to the hormones (especially if you are breastfeeding). Therefore, use lubricant especially in the beginning.
  • Your orgasm can be different. If you have an orgasm, your uterus will contract. The cumshot can therefore have something like a woe. Fortunately, this goes back to a while.
  • You feel less. Now that you have a complete person through your vagina has come out, the genitals of your partner slightly less.
  • You get an orgasm more difficult.
  • Your uterus has subsided slightly, this can give pain during sex.
  • Do you breastfeed? Then your breasts may start to leak if you are excited.

How do you get in the mood?

Sex should never be a must, but it is not good for your relationship if there is nothing exciting in the bedroom for more than a year. Usually, stress and anxiety also play a major role in how quickly you have sex after giving birth.

Try to eliminate this tension by talking about it. Openness about your sexuality is really the key to the new sex life as brand new parents. Take the time and when you decide to make love spend a lot of time on the foreplay so that you can relax well. It can help if you are on top during sex. So you keep control over the pace, the depth of the penetration and you can stop when it hurts.

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