Why mothers do not get anything done

Why mothers do not get anything done?
On youtube we come across this funny video which also allows you to show your husband why less is being done at home than before.

It is very funny here, but it is of course partly true that less comes from your hands with such a cute toddler in the neighborhood.

Why mothers do not get anything done, do you?

With a few simple tips you can do a lot without your child always distracting you.

  • Do household chores during the sleep moments of your toddler.
  • If your child is awake, first do fun things together and let him or her play independently in the box.
  • With your little one in the box, you have your hands free for your own activities.
  • And when you occasionally interact with your toddler, he or she can sustain this longer.
  • When your child is playing, leave him or her alone then you have time for other things.
  • Give your child his own task so that he or she also helps "a sort of" with the household.

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