Let your baby sleep in 30 seconds!

That sweet little bundle that you love so much is sometimes a little less cute. For many mothers, these are the moments when children do not fall asleep and have to cry a lot. Of course your love is unconditional, but of course you want you too let baby sleep at the moment that it is time for this. In this blog you will read ways and tips to let your baby sleep. These great tips often work within 30 seconds! It sounds almost unreal, but try it out! Not shot is always wrong! Also check out the video at the bottom of the blog where a mother shows that it really works.

7 tips from mothers: Let your baby sleep in 30 seconds!

  1. Get a hair dryer

    Do you have a hair dryer at home? Plug it into the socket and put it (after you turned it on) next to your baby's cot or seat. The buzzing sound turns out to be very sleep-inducing! Stay with the hair dryer. Do you prefer not to use a hair dryer? Here you will find the sound of a hair dryer.

  2. In another blog, a man shows how he can let his child sleep with a loud noise, but whether this is really soothing?

  3. Stroke and beat your back

    Put your crying child on his or her side and gently rub the lower back and the buttocks. Alternate this with some throbbing movements. This can be very soothing for your child.

  4. Game staring

    This tip requires the least effort. All you have to do is hang over your child or sit straight in front of it. Then you stare your little sprout in the eyes and you keep doing this until the tears dry and the eyes close.

  5. Hugging with a big cloth

    Did you get such a super handy hydrophilic cloth as a baby shower gift? Or did you give this yourself (and your baby) as a gift? These cloths are made of light, soft and absorbent material and not only useful for you, but also for your baby. The tip of this mother: put your baby in the bed and put the cloth on his or her belly so that you can cuddle nicely. A large cloth of a different material can of course also work.

  6. Show your smartphone

    Now that your baby is not yet interested in computers, tablets and smartphones, these are very sleep-inducing. One of the mothers noticed that her son immediately fell asleep when she showed her phone. Is not that useful to let your baby sleep?

  7. Just switch on the microwave

    It may be that your microwave has a magical and hypnotic effect on your child. In any case: that was the case with one of the mothers who came with this tip. She turned on the microwave for a few seconds and after the 'ping' her child was immediately in dreamland.

  8. To caress between the eyes

    Pampering your child can do wonders anyway, but if that does not work you can try to help if you caress your baby or child between the eyes. You do this as follows: with your index finger you gently stroke your forehead between the eyes to the nose. You can also try it with your thumb or any other finger that is the most useful at that moment.

Video: Tip to let your baby sleep in 30 seconds

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