13 weeks pregnant

If you 13 weeks pregnant then you have come to the end of the first trimester of your pregnancy! The chance of a miscarriage is now very small and so it is a good time to let everyone know that you are in good expectation (if you had not already done so)!

You will also notice that you have virtually no problems with pregnancy ailments and that you have more energy. Your baby is already a complete person and only needs to grow. At this moment your baby is 7.5 centimeters tall, similar to a peach, and it weighs 30 grams.

13 weeks pregnant: Your baby is growing more and more

The pace at which your baby is going to grow is really going to increase and you will soon get a belly. The head of your child is still relatively large, but in the coming months the body will grow considerably so that everything comes into proportion. The teeth are now completely formed (20 pieces), these will only come through if your child is a few months old.

Another important development is that the intestines, which were initially in the umbilical cord, will be transferred pregnant from 13 weeks to the belly of your baby.
Your baby now has a lot of space because you produce more and more amniotic fluid. The placenta ensures that the amniotic fluid is regularly refreshed. That is also necessary because your baby can already pee!

13 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

Tell your work that you are pregnant

If you are 13 weeks pregnant, you do not have to officially indicate at work that you are pregnant. You can postpone this up to 3 weeks before your leave. But it is very nice if you do this far in advance so that your employer can take this into account. It is also better to tell it now because it will become more and more difficult to disguise your starting belly.

Shopping maternity wear!

The top of your uterus will start to grow more and more as of this week. So from 13 weeks pregnant you really see a belly. It is therefore a great time to shop for nice maternity wear. Walking around in your normal clothing for too long is not comfortable anymore and you just stretch your clothes further. And why would you wait? Nowadays, maternity wear is great fun. Read more tips about maternity wear here!

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