Week 14 and 15 of my pregnancy

From week 14 I really started to snap out of my normal clothes, so it was time for maternity wear. Fortunately, I already have a nice base of my sister in law.
In week 15 I had an alcohol free carnival for the first time in 17 years and I have the growing awareness that I am just a mother next year.

Now really on the maternity wear

The last few weeks my normal clothes have become tighter, but it is still possible. From this week really not anymore! My sweaters and cardigans that just fell over the edge of my pants, are now above the edge of my pants. I just looked like a rollmops. Certainly also because I wanted to squeeze my enormous cannonballs into my size S clothing. That does not fit.

I wore a cardigan a few more times until I asked my husband: 'Can this vest still be worn?' And he answered with: 'No Roos, that really can not be done anymore'. Hop, move to the attic and switch to maternity clothes and clothes that were too big for me.

My normal clothing feels as if I have wriggled myself in a surfing suit, but maternity wear is still just too big. Yet I really choose the maternity wear. Because, when I get it, it really feels like a relief and relief.

Still getting used to having a baby

Since the first ultrasound I had during the 7 weeks of pregnancy, the Woezel and Pip suitcase full of things is on the shelf in the kitchen. Delicious in sight as a fine reminder that a baby is coming.

Today I took the case from the shelf once and have a good look at the stuff that is in it. A bottle, breastfeeding pads, pacifier, diapers, baby bath oil and magazines about being pregnant.
Suddenly I realized that I will get a baby in half a year and that suddenly feels so strange. In half a year I will use the bottle, the nipples and the sudocrem for the red legs or my sore nipples.

Really so weird! Especially at this time. My belly is growing, but that is also the only sign of my pregnancy. I do not feel my little one yet, I do not really have a stomach either. My stomach is just a bit set up and looks more like I have arrived 5 kilos and have not been to the toilet for a week. It does not look like a baby is inside.
That is why it all seems very far away. Still very unreal. Fortunately, I still have half a year to get used to it.

Down to earth carnival

I am a proud born and raised Brabantse. Every year we celebrate carnival with the whole family. Never have I skipped a year and it is therefore very strange that I have to let it pass me a little bit this year. "But can not you celebrate a carnival without alcohol?" People asked me.

The answer is 'no'. Not the carnival that I celebrate. Not when we are around the box with a group of 20 people with our ears (which makes talking rather difficult) and just dancing and hitting. And especially not when the level of everyone around me drops to a 'New Kids' level and you are sober in between, with a normal level.
And not if everyone is too poor to walk straight, talk normally or even stand and then use you to lean against.

With the result that I am being treated by a combination of sweat, beer, smoke and a very bad breath. This year a minimal carnival for Roos and what I have been jealous of my sisters who have gone. As pure self torture, I sat there early on Saturday to see how everyone was changing clothes.

The start of the party

Traditionally, the festivities begin in the garage of my parents. Actually a kind of mature way to drink. I've been here. But when everyone had stepped into the taxi at 10 pm, I realized that I could go to sleep. The next morning I was eager to go to my parents' house, where there were about 10 people still half-drunk sleeping.

I was very curious about the stories. And besides, I felt like a lot of fun. They were super broke and I was top fit. Usually it is the other way round! So I went to the village, I prepared a delicious breakfast for everyone, let the carnival music pop out of the speakers and then went upstairs to wake everyone up.

To my regret everyone was already awake and they all felt 'surprisingly good'. That afternoon I went to the village for a while, where I kept it for quite some time. Until I called my husband what his plans were. When he said the words, "Let's go eat," I did not know how fast I had to go home. Because I never finish an invitation to go out for dinner!

But what was I saying scrapped. Standing for 4 hours, talking and half dancing to carnival music was enough for Roos. I was in bed at 21:00. And the next day it seemed like I had a hangover! How is that possible? I felt anything but great.

Carnival really does more with you than you love, even if you stay sober.

Next time in my blog

Next time we echo our gender determination! I'm super curious! What will it be? A boy or a girl?

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