What can you or can not eat during pregnancy?

Some foods can cause damage to your unborn child and that is of course the last thing you want. To prevent this damage, it is important that you know what you are allowed to do eat or not during pregnancy.
Below is a list of foods that you should not eat with a short explanation. We will also briefly indicate which food is permitted during pregnancy. It often seems that the list of banned products is much longer than the list of permitted products, while in the end it is actually not that bad!

What can you or can not eat during pregnancy?

To prevent infections or illnesses here is a list of what you should not eat during pregnancy. The foods are divided into categories so that you can quickly find the food that you would better not put in your mouth.

Eating meat during pregnancy

Raw meat may contain pathogens (Toxoplasma gondii) that are harmful to your baby. In addition, it is not wise to eat liver products despite the fact that folic acid is in, because they are rich in vitamin A. If you are not pregnant this is very healthy, but during your pregnancy too much vitamin A can be dangerous for your child. Can not you really leave the liver sausage? Then eat a maximum of 1 slice of bread with liver sausage per day.
Eating meat during pregnancy, what better to leave:

  • tartar;
  • Carpaccio;
  • unbaked meat (such as steak).
  • filet Americain;
  • ox sausage;
  • chorizo;
  • Roast beef;
  • theeworst;
  • salami, cervelat;
  • raw ham;
  • parma ham;
  • farmer's sausage.

Eating fish during pregnancy

Healthy eating is very important during your pregnancy. Eating fish during pregnancy, for example, is an important part of a healthy diet. Fish contains fatty acids that play an essential role in the development of your baby's brain and eyes. Try to eat fish twice a week, but pay attention to which fish you eat and what packaging it comes from. In addition, make sure that the fish is fully cooked.

Raw fish or fish that is packaged in a vacuum package (such as smoked salmon from the supermarket) can contain the Listeria bacteria. Especially the latter is a big risk. In addition, some fish types contain heavy metals or dioxins which is not good for the baby either. These fish species you better not eat during pregnancy:

  • raw fish (as with sushi);
  • smoked fish (such as smoked eel, mackerel, salmon etc);
  • oysters or raw crustaceans and shellfish;
  • swordfish;
  • tuna (except canned tuna);
  • salmon, mackerel etc. from a vacuum package (ready-made packages from the supermarket);
  • shark, king mackerel;
  • zander;
  • wild eel.

Eating cheese, eggs and dairy during pregnancy

The laundry list with foods that you are not allowed to eat when you are pregnant is slightly less big in this category. In principle, you can eat all cheeses as long as there is NO 'au lait cru' or 'made from raw milk' on the packaging. Be careful with foreign cheeses, mold cheeses, mozzarella and brie. If you get cheese from the cheese farmer, always check whether it is made with raw milk. Cheeses made with raw milk can contain the Listeria bacteria.

You can eat eggs just as long as they are NOT raw. Also do not eat products with raw eggs such as some mayonnaises or homemade tiramisu. The tiramisu from the supermarket is just like the milk from the supermarket. These are namely pasteurized or sterilized.

Other products

  • do not take herbal preparations or oils of herbs
  • ATTENTION with: anise, tarragon, basil, sassafras, mace, fennel, nutmeg, cinnamon, dong quai
  • take a maximum of 2 to 3 drops per day (may increase blood pressure)
  • do not eat bean sprouts
  • drink a maximum of 1 cup of coffee per day
  • drink a maximum of 1 or 2 cups of fennel tea, anise tea or licorice tea.
  • NO alcohol and pay attention with desserts or other products with alcohol

What can you eat during pregnancy?

Blogs about whether or not to eat during pregnancy often focus on what you should NOT eat. This is sometimes not really conducive to your state of mind. But there is plenty of what you can eat! For example, think of:

  • All fruits and vegetables;
  • Whole grain products, bread and potatoes;
  • Chicken fillet, fried fish and meat, legumes;
  • Fried or boiled shrimps;
  • Vegetable oils, low-fat margarine and spreads and cooking fats;
  • Nuts, dried fruit;
  • Chocolate, cookies, chips and so on;
  • Bread spread: jam, chicken fillet, sprinkles, casselerrib, dairy spreads, humus, fricandeau, vegetable spreads

If you focus on healthy nutrition and look at what you can or can not eat during pregnancy, you will discover that quite a lot is still possible. In the period that you try to conceive, you can look up recipes and make a list of everything you can eat.
Ban the products that you can not eat for 9 months from the kitchen and put the herbs that can be dangerous separately so you do not accidentally throw them in your dishes.

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