Tips for better sleep during pregnancy

I have been 'warned' several times: during the third trimester the sleep is getting worse. I hoped that I would join, but unfortunately I notice that I too am a victim of an ever worse night's sleep. Because I am absolutely not a ray of sunshine when I sleep too little (yes, my husband gets it to endure if our baby is there soon), I went looking for tips for better sleep during the pregnancy. And of course I will share this with you!

Why do we have sleepless nights at the end of pregnancy?

Currently I have several causes that can explain my ever-worse night's sleep. First of all, the last few weeks of great weather in the Netherlands. I can really enjoy that, until the moment I have to go to sleep. Because sleeping in a warm bedroom is very annoying. In addition, due to the higher temperature, I suffer from troubled legs. Sometimes I can not sleep through it, sometimes I even wake up! Mega annoying.

  • Dream about the new life with child

    Another reason why my sleep is less is because I think too much. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and I really can not wait until our girl is there. As soon as I try to make a performance of my life with a daughter, I start to tingle with impatience. I want to hold her and give kisses. The result is that I do not sleep because I realize that I have to wait a little longer. Then I ask myself whether I have all the things in the house and what I still have to go and buy. Before I know it I am 2 hours further and wide awake.

  • Super light sleep

    When I finally fall asleep, I wake up to every sound. My husband recently 'accidentally' struck me in his sleep. Just on such an evening that I had fallen asleep with difficulty. I could do something about it seriously, because I woke up again and was staring at the ceiling with eyes open for the second time that night. And Mr. slept happily further. I must honestly say that I should keep myself from shaking him.

  • You just do not like it!

    I'm a belly sleeper and that's just not going to happen at a certain moment. Now many say that during your pregnancy you can not sleep on your back or stomach, but that is not true. It is really not dangerous for your baby if you sleep on your back or stomach, it is only less pleasant for yourself. It is possible that you do not sleep well on your back because you find yourself dizzy or can breathe less easily. That is because the colossal belly pinches some veins which is rather uncomfortable. It is then of course better to take a different attitude.

Best posture tips to better sleep during pregnancy

The best posture is sleeping on your left side. If you lie on that side, nothing gets trapped and your placenta has the best blood circulation. But it's easier said than done, just sleep on your left side. I do not like that all night and besides that, my daughter is sometimes in such a way that I'm absolutely not fine on my left side.

Looking for a good attitude is a company and that will not change very quickly. But there are a few tricks that you can apply to be more comfortable.

Tips from many pregnant women to sleep better: use a pregnancy pillow.

Tips to lie pregnant and comfortable

What you can do to be as comfortable as possible:

  • Finer sleep on your back:

    Does not it feel comfortable to sleep on your back, for example because you feel dizzy or get back pain? Then go half on your side and put a pillow under your back. You can then roll against it so that you are not completely on your back.

  • Sleep more comfortably on your stomach:

    Totally sleeping on your stomach simply does not work, but you can lie a little half on your stomach. You do this by lying on your side and putting a pillow in front of you. Here you can roll up half.

  • Finer sleeping with pillows:

    Pillows are ideal for allowing you to sleep better. Put them in front of you or behind you. In addition, it is also nice to put a pillow between your legs, so I lie every night. There are many pregnant women who swear by a large feeding pillow. This is a kind of long sausage that you can put all around you.

  • New mattress?

    If your mattress is through, it is not really comfortable sleeping anyway. Maybe it is now the time to invest in a new mattress that you can lie comfortably on.

Tips for better sleep during pregnancy

A good or nice sleeping position is very nice, but it may still be that you can not fall asleep. Below are a few of my tips for better sleep in the last weeks of pregnancy:

  • Worry?

    Write it down! Are you worried about what it will be like when the little one is there? Do you wonder if you have not forgotten something? Well I do, if I have that now then I write it immediately. Or I write about what I worry about and I promise myself to think about it tomorrow. Or I write everything I think I have to do or buy on one of my lists. These are in my phone and I can easily complete.

  • Troubled legs?

    Stand up! Troubled legs are really terrible and I have a lot of problems with them. Now scientists and doctors do not know exactly where this comes from. It may be that you have too little exercise during the day (so make sure you exercise sufficiently), you have a shortage of vitamins or perhaps your blood flow is not optimal. What I do when troubled legs is getting up and running. Then I squat 5 times very slowly and I go on my toes a few times. When it's hot, I'll walk around a bit.Sitting down on the cold tiled floor is sometimes also very pleasant. After 10 minutes I try again.

  • Do not get to sleep?

    Stand up! My father taught me that if you can not get to sleep after about fifteen minutes, you have to get up for a while. Go to the bathroom, walk around the house for a small circle and try again. Sometimes it also helps to read. I do this very often and it helps. Apparently you are just not tired enough.

  • Warm?

    Air your room! Sleeping is even more difficult in warm weather. Every night, as soon as it cools down (around 7.00 pm), I open all the windows opposite each other to let the wind blow through. Then it often cools nicely. In addition, I also make sure that my bedding is nice and fresh by changing it every week. That also sleeps wonderfully.

Do you have any good tips to sleep better and fall asleep during your pregnancy? I like to hear them because sleep is super important!

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