8 Reasons why bringing up girls is easier!

Men and women, boys and girls: we are and remain very different. And you notice these differences not only with your own partner, but also with your children you will notice that it is educating girls is very different from boys. There are even parents who claim that raising girls is easier. I do not know if it really is, but we have found 8 reasons why raising girls is a little easier with this typical girl behavior.

Why educating girls can be easier?

Do you get a daughter? Be sure to read these 8 reasons why raising girls can be easier and count your blessings.

  1. Girls learn faster and are trained more quickly. Saves a lot of costs in diapers!
  2. The clothing of girls survives longer than that of boys. Boys are a lot wilder, so do not be surprised if you have to buy new clothes every 3 months for your son. Girls (most of them) are more cautious and play a lot more quietly, so the clothes are still full at the end of the day and maybe even spotless!
  3. Girls are more independent and have a better concentration. They will therefore pay more attention to school and carry out their tasks, such as homework or something in the household.
  4. Girls can pee effortlessly in the toilet bowl, then your son can sometimes be quite a challenge.
  5. When boys start playing or walking home they are fast, they dare to do everything and they have broken something before you know it. Girls are generally quieter and go on less dangerous adventures.
  6. As a mother you can better identify yourself with girls. You know what your daughter likes and what she can go through (becoming pregnant!) At a later age.
  7. Girls understand faster what you say to them and will therefore do something with your warnings rather than boys.
  8. Girls are more likely to help in the household or with cooking. That is because they like to imitate their great example (their mother). So you always have a small help at home!

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To educate difference between girls and boys

Of course I do not want to put everything together, but there are generally a few characteristic differences between boys and girls who play a role in the way of upbringing.

  • Pay extra attention

    Of course you always have to pay attention when your children can crawl and walk, but if you have a son, you have to pay more attention. Boys are fixed on movement. From looking at movement when they are babies, to moving a lot as they get older. They will play a lot of floundering, rolling and later on running, climbing and cycling. Keep an eye on your son! A baby boy is more likely to pay a visit to the First Aid than a girl.

  • Girls when they are 16 months old have a vocabulary about three times as big as boys!

  • Boys more emotional than girls

    Usually we think girls (or yes, women) are more emotional than boys, but that is not entirely true. In fact, boys can be more emotional than girls, only they show these emotions less quickly. For example, boys would be more likely than girls and they would have more trouble to comfort or calm themselves. So even if your son does not notice anything, keep in mind that he can be upset!

  • Let your worries and warnings turn out well

    It is a given that boys are often a bit tougher than girls, because they have fewer fears. A girl will take dangerous caprios less quickly than your son. Boys between the ages of 3 and 12 are less likely to be alarmed by sounds or events, and boys are less susceptible to parents' warnings or concerns. So always make sure that you are well aware of your son if you warn him of something.

  • Interact with your daughter very important

    Unlike boys, girls are sensitive to voices and attracted to individual faces. Girls love it when you talk to them and will respond to this sooner than boys. In addition, your daughter finds it very interesting to study your face and she will read emotions faster. An evil or scary face can have an impact on your girl. If you look friendly and laugh, she might laugh at you!

  • Girls talk faster

    Girls generally talk faster than boys. So do not be surprised if your younger son takes longer to say the first words. Girls have a vocabulary of about 100 words when they are around 16 months old. For boys, the average is a lot lower with 30 words. When raising girls it is good to know that they understand what you say to them faster, but also what you say to others. So always pay attention to your words, because girls also tend to imitate!

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