Baby of 8 months weighs 17 kilos

Chahat Kumar from Punjab India is only 8 months old, but now weighs twice as much as all other babies of her age. She suffers from extreme obesity, she now weighs 17 kilos, just as much as that of a four-year-old!

She was born healthy and for the first 4 months everything went according to her parents. Then she quickly became heavier. Every day her weight increases and she keeps eating. Her parents are desperate. Chahat eats almost 4 times as much as a normal baby. She just keeps eating and eating all day long, her mother tells Barcroft TV in the video below. And if we give her less food, it starts crying.

Chahat Kumar is 8 months old and already weighs 17 kilos. © Youtube

Chahat only 8 months old, has with her extremely overweight breathing problems and can not stand on her own legs. That will not happen for the time being because her legs probably can not handle the weight. Her parents are desperate and can not travel with small Chahat. That is why the child often sits in the same place for a whole day.

Chahat Kumar with her parents © Youtube

Because of her weight she can only sit © Youtube

Her mother blames God for her condition and says they can do nothing about it. But she remains hopeful and hopes that it will still be okay with her baby.

The local doctor advises the couple to go to a specialist in the nearest hospital with Chakat. But the family does not have the money for that.
The video below is currently about the internet and is being watched a lot. Maybe there is attention and help for these people.

Video of baby 8 months with extreme obesity

Source: Barcroft TV Youtube

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