10 things you should not say to pregnant women

For nine months you are pregnant and in those nine months there is quite a bit on your plate. How about the fine pregnancy ailments and the fact that you are getting rounder and bigger. Sometimes being pregnant is no fun, and the very last thing you are waiting for is certain comments from other people. Let this blog especially read to the people in your area, so that they too know: 10 things you should not say to pregnant women!

10 things you should not say to pregnant women

Let me say one thing: it is a privilege to be pregnant. But sometimes, sometimes it's just less pleasant. In addition, I sometimes feel that being pregnant is the only thing I am. It is always about being pregnant: the conversations, the advice and the questions. Now that I am in my 31st week, I have been sitting on it for quite some time. And let me tell you: there are a few remarks, questions or advice from others who come to me a bit. Do you recognize them too?

  1. Al ** weeks? Gosh, that's fast

    Every time I see people, whom I do not meet every day, I get the question how many weeks I am now. And very often it does not matter how many weeks I say, I always get the comment: 'Gosh, what's that fast, right?' Uhm no ... It does not go fast.

  2. Al ** weeks? Then you still have to!

    In the context of: 'It is never good', this remark is also annoying. Just when I finally thought for a second: "I just have to go for 9 weeks." Did someone say to me: 'Are you 31 weeks, oh then you still have to go for a while.' Thanksโ€ฆ

  3. The last trimester is no fun

    Sometimes you have successfully withstood the horror of the first trimester. Then you sit in the second trimester and you can enjoy the pregnancy for the first time. Then it is not fun when people say to you: 'Yes the second trimester is the best trimester, the third trimester gets very heavy again'. Good prospect.

    I heard this comment so often that I started to look up a bit against the last trimester. I did not want sleepless nights (I heard a lot), varicose veins, the amount of fluid I was going to hold and constipation. Have you had an annoying third trimester? Just keep it for yourself.

  4. The delivery is going to hurt a lot

    You can not escape that delivery. I have to go through that and so far I try not to think of it as a gigantic painful experience that is likely to be half traumatic. I try to see it as a miracle and I trust that my body can handle it. But this (probably unrealistic bubble) is often broken by women who tell their unpleasant experiences. Do not! And also do not always say how painful it is.

  5. So, you have grown up!

    With this comment you do not make any pregnant woman happy. Fortunately, I know a nice alternative: 'So, what a nice belly!' That sounds much better! And instead of insulting a pregnant woman a little, let her feel incredibly proud of her beautiful belly!

  6. Maybe you better not ....

    Do you often hear this: "Maybe you better not .... Lifting, eating, drinking, exercising, carrying other children, breathing ....? " If all goes well, as a pregnant woman you know exactly what you can or can not eat during pregnancy. And you will also know what you can not do better. Then you do not want any more restrictions.

  7. Enjoy your freedom as long as it can

    I know, a child is going to change your whole life. But I'm ready, otherwise I would not have been pregnant. I do not always have to hear how little freedom I will have in the future, that I will only soon experience what is really tired and that I can forget the 'me-time'. It seems like I made a huge mistake. And now? I can not stop her again.

  8. Have you already arrived a lot during pregnancy?

    Just as you should actually know that you should never ask a woman about her age, you also do not have to ask how much a pregnant woman has arrived. We do not like to talk about that, at least: I do not. And yet, it has already been asked me a few times.

  9. So, are you eating for two?

    Ah, sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Especially when I am very hungry and because of that a little too much brag or grab a full hand of chips for the third time. Even if you notice: you do not have to say anything about it! Pregnant women should leave you alone, even if they eat too much!

  10. You're going ... anyway.

    Every sentence that starts in this way is wrong, so never start a sentence that way. Because after the words 'You're going ...' follows an advice that you almost can not say 'no' to. For example: 'You're going to ... breastfeed, bottle-feed, follow pregnancy yoga or wear a sling.'

    Whatever you think should happen, you should never impose anyone else. Certainly not when it comes to something like breastfeeding. That is a personal choice. And in addition, not every woman can breastfeed well. I have heard many stories from women where breastfeeding went horribly! Incidentally, these stories are not so encouraging for women who want to breastfeed. It is better to keep those stories for you too.

Do you know more about those things that you should not say to pregnant women?

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