Difference between men and women in the case of children

If we like children, there is usually only one thing to do: together in the bedroom. Now that I already have some experience, I noticed something: There is a huge difference in the effort, motivation and drive between men and women when it comes to getting pregnant. I can tell you one thing: women do not get off very well. Let me start with the checklist for women and men.

Checklist for women who want to become pregnant

  1. Keep track of how long your menstrual cycle is
  2. Think of buying tampons and sanitary towels for when you have your period
  3. Find and read information about when you need ovulation
  4. Calculate the day of your ovulation
  5. Find out when you can be the most fertile days
  6. Write down when you are fertile days
  7. If necessary, buy an ovulation test or measure the temperature
  8. Use ovulation test
  9. Find out when and how often you should have about community to send the best seeds on the hunt.
  10. The days that you can record in the bedroom
  11. Seduce your partner and inform you about the days he has to perform

And then this checklist is mainly for women who are fertile. If the pregnancy fails or the menstrual cycle is irregular, there are still many points.

Checklist for men who want to become pregnant

  1. Perform in the bedroom if your partner indicates that it is time

That was it. Serious…

After planning the community comes and then awaits

If the part of the planning is over and the fertile days are over, we have to wait. For women, this means:

  1. Find out when the possible implantation can be
  2. Read articles about implantation
  3. Be alert to every feeling in your body
  4. Wondering yourself what the first pregnancy symptoms may be
  5. Secretly look up when you would be calculated
  6. Fiery hope that you do not have a period
  7. Try not to create too much false hope
  8. Make sure you eat very healthy and drink little alcohol

For men, this means:

  1. You will hear whether your partner is on or not

Getting pregnant: it is really a women job

To summarize everything: getting pregnant and being pregnant: it really comes down to our ladies. Often our urge to have children is many times bigger and therefore we are inclined to arrange everything ourselves about getting pregnant.
And you know what: we have no choice. Your guy can hardly keep up with your menstrual cycle.

When the fathers become fathers

Prepare yourself, therefore, that father in his will only really feel father from the moment your baby is there. Our mother feeling is in our fibers and is already coming up from the moment we decide to start with children. From that moment on, we women slowly become a mother and we fight for our offspring. And it is good too. Because without our commitment, things would be very different.

I now sincerely wonder what it would be like if women were not in control when it comes to getting pregnant. If we would do nothing once. Would men start to keep up with our menstrual cycle? While we wait for ladies and hear automatically when we are expected in the bedroom?

Would a man search for information about children for hours on pennea.org?

Would they drop the tight boxershots and hot saunas themselves to ensure that their seed is top quality? Would they be in full tension for a whole period after the fertile days, spoil us extra and cook healthy for us? And would they ask us every day if we are already feeling something and are hoping that we did not have a period?

I do not think so. Because men would not be that difficult about it anyway. I think I would take it for the uncertainty. Just having sex every day, it will come naturally. It is actually very simple right?

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