Pregnant and a fungal infection

Do you notice itching or burning during your pregnancy? Do you also suffer from friable separation? Then it may well be that you have a fungal infection or candida infection. Do not be ashamed, pregnant and a fungal infection is fairly common. Fortunately, you can handle it yourself and the complaints go quickly. Read more about a fungal infection during pregnancy in this blog.

Fungal infection early pregnancy

A fungal infection during pregnancy is quite common, so it is not something to be ashamed of. Certainly not because its origin does not depend on hygiene. There are a number of bacteria in the vagina that ensure that certain yeasts can not multiply and everything down there remains in the right balance. But it can happen that this balance is disturbed.

Factors that can cause a disturbance include pregnancy hormones. And let them rage through your body in full glory in the beginning of your pregnancy. Other factors are an antibiotic treatment, washing your vagina too much with soap, vaginal showers or stress.

Pregnant and a fungal infection symptoms

A fungal infection is reasonably recognizable. The fungal infection symptoms are:

  • Itching in the vagina.
  • White and friable secretion (looks a bit like hüttenkäse).
  • Burning or nagging pain with your vagina.
  • Your vagina and labia are swollen and red.
  • Making love is uncomfortable.
  • Peeing can be painful.

Fungal infection during delivery

If you notice or even a little bit suspect that you have a fungal infection and is your delivery almost at the door? Then try to treat the infection as soon as possible. During the delivery, you can transfer the vaginal yeast infection to your little baby. Although it is not very dangerous, it can cause spitting in your baby. Thrush can be recognized by white spots on the tongue and in the mouth of your baby. Read here how to treat thrush.

Is a fungal infection dangerous or contagious?

Your baby is safely locked from everything that happens in your vagina. The fungal infection will not reach your baby. In addition, candida is not a contagious disease such as an STD. However, you can transfer the infection to your partner during sex. It is therefore better to first treat your fungal infection before you dive between the sheets.

Treat fungal infection

Candida infection is easy to treat. You can go to your doctor first to determine if you have fungal infection, but we understand very well that you may not feel like it. The good news is that it is not necessary. Without a prescription you can get funds from the chemist to treat a fungal infection during pregnancy. For example: Multi-Gyn FloraPlus, Canesten or GynoDaktarin.

These products are available in tablets, creams or ovules. With most products, you have to insert them vaginally before going to bed and feel the symptoms are diminishing the next day.

Canesten Gyno Creme

is the most commonly used remedy for a vaginal yeast infection.

Pregnant and prevent a fungal infection

Under the guise of: prevention is better than cure, below a few tips on how you can prevent pregnancy and a fungal infection:

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