What does a baby see?

Did you think your baby could immediately see the world clearly after birth? Unfortunately, that is not true. In the first weeks sees a baby still relatively little. Fortunately, your baby will see more when the months go by. Read here what can one see baby from month to month.

What does a baby of 1 week see

The world of your baby remains very small after birth. That may not be bad either, because the transition from a tight womb to the big world is of course quite big. Your baby can not clearly see colors and details. That is because the retina of your baby only consists of so-called rods. Rods are sensitive to light and movements and mainly show shades of gray. They do not give a sharp picture yet.

Your baby of a week old sees in the first week especially grays, movements, shape and light. You will notice, for example, that your baby likes to turn the head towards the light.

In addition to rods, the retina also consists of cones. The cones ensure that you see color and the image is sharp. The cones ripen in the first 3 months. After 4 weeks your baby will see basic colors. First red, then green and yellow.

How far can a baby see?

If you are 5 meters away from your baby, you should not be surprised that your baby is looking right through you. He or she does not see you at all. A newborn baby sees everything at a distance of 20 to 30 centimeters, everything that goes on remains pretty blurry. This 20 to 30 centimeters is a nice distance for your newborn baby, because that is exactly the distance that your baby has to bridge to see you while feeding.

When does baby mother recognize?

In the first month the world is blurred and colorless. Your baby will therefore not be able to see you well and therefore can not recognize it from your looks. Fortunately, your baby will recognize you immediately after birth. That little one recognizes your voice, smell, heartbeat and warmth.

In the second month after birth the sight is already a lot better and your baby also sees your beautiful face. He or she will really recognize you. Between the second and third months your baby can even smile at you and look straight into your eyes. Make sure you are not too far away from your baby. Everything at arm's length (of your baby) is sharp, furthermore it becomes hazy.

What does a baby see every month?

Below you can briefly read what your baby can see per month.

  • 1 Month old: Blurred image

    In the first month, your baby's vision is still out of focus and gray. Your baby does see light and dark, contrasts and movements that are within a distance of 20-30 centimeters. In the first weeks your baby still has trouble focusing his or her eyes and your baby can even squint. This improves after 3 months if it is good. Because your baby does not see sharply, he or she will not yet recognize your face and focus mainly on your hairline or eyebrows. That is because it shows a greater contrast in color, and that is what a baby sees.

  • 2 Months old: More color and details

    Between 4 and 6 weeks old your baby will see more and more color. The first colors are red and green, then yellow. The color blue for your baby still looks a bit like black. Only after 6 months can your baby recognize blue well.

    In addition to colors, your baby can also see more details and focus the eyes a little better. Your baby can also start to recognize you from the 2nd month onwards and you might even get a smile out of it. Not the case yet? No worries, sometimes it only starts in the third month.

  • 3 Months old: Sharp image and more distance

    In month 3, visibility has improved again many times. Your baby can now focus the eyes well and absorb an object or your beautiful face. Angles, shapes, depth and colors are now clearly visible. You can now also get a bit further away from your baby to get the attention. You can see your baby about 1.5 meters away.

  • 4 Months old: 3D and grabbing

    Your baby will see depth better and better and you have now changed from a flat person to a real 3D person. Now that your baby can see the depth, your hair, clothes, necklace and earrings are no longer safe. Before you know it, your baby will grab everything that you do not get loose so quickly.

  • 5 Months old: More colors

    In the previous months your baby could see bright colors and contrasts. Now your baby can also distinguish other colors better and better, such as pastel colors and other soft tones.

  • 6 Months old: Moving objects

    Movements your baby sees better and better. That way he can track objects with his eyes and he will not lose sight of you so quickly! Eye-hand coordination also progresses. So pay attention not only to your hair and necklace, but to everything that surrounds your baby. Before you know it, your baby has put everything in its mouth. From 6 months you can apply for an eye test at the clinic.

  • This is how a baby of 6 months old sees.

  • Further development

    After 6 months, a baby sees quite a lot. The biggest developments take place in these months. These developments continue. From a year old, your baby can see what adults see as well.

View baby movie

What exactly does your baby see? I can explain it, but a video better reflects what your baby can see from month to month. So step into the small world of your baby for a moment and see how it gradually gets bigger and bigger.

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