Prenatal paternity test, how does that work?

It may happen that you are pregnant, but not as well know who is the father of my unborn child. Super difficult situation, which can make you very insecure. If you want to know who your child's father is, then you can do one prenatal paternity test have them executed. Nowadays this can be done quite easily and the test is non-invasive. This way you can find out who the dad is, without damaging your child or endangering you early in the pregnancy.

What is a prenatal paternity test?

A prenatal paternity test is a DNA test that you can take during and after your pregnancy to determine who your child's father is. Previously, this could only be done with:

  • An amniocentesis: A small amount of amniotic fluid is then removed from the uterus with a thin needle.
  • Or with a chorionic test. Some tissue is removed from the uterine wall through the vagina with a pair of pliers.

Both tests are reliable, but invasive. They must be performed by a gynecologist in the hospital and there may be side effects such as blood loss, abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, leakage of amniotic fluid and it may increase the risk of miscarriage.

Nowadays there is a safe and non-invasive prenatal paternity test. No surgery is needed and the child does not suffer at all. The only thing that needs to be done is that the mother gives some blood and the father removes some cheek mucosa. The DNA of the baby is derived from the mother's blood and compared with that of the father.

The test can be taken from the 9th week of your pregnancy and is 99.99% reliable!

How does a prenatal paternity test work?

For example, you indicate on the website of that you would like to perform a prenatal paternity test. You will then receive a package at home. This package contains instructions on how to perform the test. The mother has to take blood. You can do this at the GP, midwife or puncture. The father can take the cheek glue himself. A courier service will pick up the package again and take it to a laboratory. You will receive the results within 8 to 10 working days.

Prenatal paternity test GP

The prenatal paternity test is not available via the general practitioner. However, you can make an appointment with the doctor to get your blood punctured. You can order a paternity test during pregnancy here.

DNA test pregnancy price

A prenatal paternity test is not very cheap, so you have to do something about it. Exactly what the costs are depends on the company you switch on. Sometimes the price is from € 1400, -. With others the price starts from € 1249, -. This price applies if you want to take the test for your peace of mind. If you have to take the test for legal reasons, for example regarding custody, alimony or inheritance, € 99 will be added.

Prenatal paternity test reimbursed

If you have a prenatal paternity test carried out without medical reasons, which is probably the case with you, then the test is not reimbursed by the health insurance. There are a few insurance companies where you can additionally insure yourself for genetic testing. You must apply for this yourself in December / January when you take out the insurance.

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