Roos has given birth and has a daughter!

Our daughter Robin was born on the 3rd of July around 21.44 hours! July 2 broke my membranes while I just saw how Belgium scored the third goal (around 22.00). After my membranes were broken, nothing else happened. This kept me calm. We called to the hospital and had to come straight away.

It remained calm and I was admitted to the hospital. They hoped that the delivery would not continue because I was just 35 weeks pregnant. But our little girl was too curious and less than 20 hours later it started to rumble.
Less than 3 hours later I had 1 centimeter access and decided to get her with a cesarean section. Our girl was in the boot and of course she is still very small.

Robin is still small and weighs 1890 grams and is about 46 cm tall.

Daughter Robin was born 35 weeks

Although it is a small (and most adorable, handsome and cutest) baby, she has to go into the incubator for a while, but she does very well and is completely healthy!
My husband and I are very happy and still a bit overwhelmed. We thought we had the time for a while.

It is amazing how such a little creature immediately steals your heart and becomes the most important person on earth.

The love I feel for our Robin is intense and can not be compared with any other love. What a mega special experience this is! I can not wait for myself to be more mobile so that I can stalk my daughter 24/7 at the maternity ward.

Below you can view some pictures of our daughter Robin and her proud mother!

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