Lose mucus plug

Losing the mucus plug is a normal part of pregnancy. What the mucus plug is exactly and when it is lost is not known to all women. Here you can read what the function of the mucus plug is, how you can recognize it and what the lose mucus means.

What is the mucus plug? What does mucus look like?

If you are pregnant, your uterus will be closed off by a piece of tissue called the mucus plug. You can see the mucus plug as a kind of stop that protects your uterus against external influences. Thanks to the plug, no harmful substances or bacteria can reach the baby. So it is a beautiful defense mechanism of nature.

In addition, the gag ensures that a second fertilization can not take place during pregnancy. By the time the delivery starts you will lose the mucus plug. This happens when the cervix is ​​going to be opened up, which is going to be wider, so that the baby can get through. The gag then falls out of the cervix. You can then find a slimy plug or string in your underwear.

How can you recognize the mucus plug?

The mucus plug is in fact not a real gag, but a thick, tough mucus. The gag is between one and a half and three centimeters in size. The mucus plug color is usually clear to cloudy. There can be some blood through it. The blood looks like brown-red strings. This blood comes from the cervix. It is very normal that some blood comes along, you do not have to worry about that.

What does the mucus plug look like and how can you recognize the mucus plug?

It is also possible that no blood comes along. This too is normal and not worrying. When you lose the mucus, you do not, in principle, have to contact a doctor or midwife.

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Lose slime plug in parts

However, if you lose more than two teaspoons (bright red) blood, you should contact a doctor. There can then be a bleeding and that must be investigated as soon as possible. It can also happen very well that the mucus plug does not lose in one go, but that it comes out in several small parts. You will probably not recognize this as a mucus plug. Whether you lose the prop at once or in parts, it will not hurt anyway.

To lose the mucus plug

There is no fixed time when women lose the mucus plug. Some women lose the gag only when childbirth really starts. In other women, the mucus plug is lost during the beginning of the last trimester of pregnancy. This can happen if the cervix is ​​already slightly open due to the pressure of the baby.

After losing the mucus plug, it can therefore in principle take weeks before the birth starts. So do not worry if you lose the gag a few weeks before delivery. After the loss of the mucus plug, the uterus is only protected by membranes. Because of the chance of infection you better not make love, swim or take a bath.

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