Development baby 5 months old

Your baby is already 5 months old and continues to develop like a raging one. This way he can keep the head and neck up better and you can start practicing to sit! In addition, the baby sees the world a lot sharper and is increasingly going to grab things. So be careful with your hair and necklace! Can your baby have fun? Or does he or she need more attention? Now the baby 5 months old is you going to learn more and more character traits of your baby, so pay attention to the reactions of your child!

In short, a baby is 5 months old

  • Your baby can hold the neck and head better.
  • Your baby is moving more and more: rolling over, lying on the side and maybe even on the hands and knees.
  • Be careful with your hair, because your baby is going to grab everything in reach!
  • In groups, your baby may have to get used to it.
  • Your baby can become somewhat insignificant and just laugh at mom and dad.
  • Is your baby crying when you leave? That is separation anxiety and often occurs when a baby is 5 months old.
  • Mothers, are you menstruating again? Usually that is now starting again.

The development of a baby 5 months old:

  • Baby sit for 5 months

    Although your baby is probably not yet fully independent, he or she is already well on the way to master this skill. Your baby can now better keep the head and neck straight so that sitting is a lot easier. You can stimulate your baby by surrounding him with cushions. If your baby falls over, then he falls in any case soft! Never leave your child alone when he or she is sitting upright!

  • More and more in motion

    Your baby is moving more and more. This way he will try to roll and end up on the side more often. Some babies can already sit on the hands and knees. It is therefore very wise to put the bed and the box down already, because before you know it your little one is! Check whether your house is already baby-proof.

  • Baby eat 5 months

    Have you already started with the exercise snacks? If you have not already done so, you could do so from this month. First check if your baby is really ready for it. If your child does not show interest yet, you can wait. From when your baby is 6 months old he must really believe it.

    If you start with the exercise snacks, your baby will offer the same for several consecutive days so that he can get used to the taste. You can give yourself the snacks, but you can also offer the snacks through the Rapley method. You give the exercise snacks in addition to normal breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

    Perhaps you can now also offer all your baby drinks in a plastic cup (drinking cup) to practice already.

  • Grasping and experience

    From now on it is very smart to keep your hair away from your baby, because your baby can now start to grab more and more everything that is in front of him. No matter how small your baby is, you will not get your hair back so easily! Your baby now sees more and more details and can better follow the world around him.

    Your little one also understands more and more what you mean by means of your intonation. So he hears a difference between approval and disapproval. Keep in mind that your baby does not understand everything yet. So do not yell at your baby yet, because he does not really know what he is doing. Always say clearly and strictly: 'No, that is not allowed' and take him to another place where it is safe or lead him off with a game.

  • Baby 5 month old toys

    Now that your baby understands more, it is more fun to play with your baby. For example, go stand together in front of the mirror. Your baby will immediately recognize you, but who is that little one? Also riding on the knee (good support), bouncing, help with walking, crazy pelvis pulling and peekaboo games. Suitable toys for your little one:

    • You can now introduce activity center.
    • Music toys.
    • Booklets.
    • Balls.
    • Teethers.
    • Illuminated toys.
    • Rats.
    • Playing on play mats is also good for your little one.
  • Uniqueness and separation anxiety

    At first your baby could still laugh at everyone who was happy and sweet, now that your baby is 5 months old, he becomes more and more onerous. Make sure that he can feel uncomfortable in larger groups. Then let him get used to the new people at his own pace. In addition, the baby can develop separation anxiety. That is very normal. Depression is expressed by your baby crying when you leave. Always tell them you will come back and give him a big kiss before you go. Do not just sneak away, that's very confusing for your baby.

  • Own character

    The baby is increasingly showing its own character, now that he can do more. He will make more and more sounds like gargling, simmering, babbling or farting sounds. Because of all these sounds and skills the baby can better indicate what he or she wants. If you pay close attention to the baby, you will find more and more character traits.

    For example, some babies can enjoy themselves, others need more attention. Your baby will also respond more clearly to situations and toys. Look closely at this so that you get to know your child better and you learn to respond better to the needs of your child. Also read this blog about body signals from your baby.

  • Sleeping for 5 months

    If the baby is 5 months old then he sleeps about 14 to 15 hours a day. What is a nice development is that these hours of sleep are spread less and less throughout the day. Your baby will get the most sleep hours in the evening and at night, about 11 hours. This means more and more sleep for you. For the remaining 3 or 4 hours your baby sleeps divided into 2 or 3 naps during the day. You can read more about the sleep rhythm here.

Development baby to stimulate 5 months old

Right from the start your baby starts to learn and develop more and more. You can stimulate the development of a 5-month-old baby by playing with it in a playful way. For example by:

  • Sing and talk a lot to your baby to stimulate language development. Especially songs with a lot of repetition (such as 'hat of paper' or 'in the moonshine') are very popular with babies. Make it extra fun by clapping it.
  • Playing together is also a great way to teach your baby something in a fun way and to create a lot of interaction. You also stimulate motor development. For example, go lie down on a mat with the baby on your stomach. Then roll a ball over the ground. Your baby will follow the ball and try to keep himself up in the prone position. In addition, peek-a-boo games are also a good way to learn. Your baby learns, among other things, that things can disappear for a while, but later return again.
  • Tell constantly what you are doing. For example during the changing of the diaper, giving a bath or getting dressed.

How are mom, dad, the parents?

Have you started moving after delivery? Now that you have been on for 5 months, you can take this more and more. For example, start walking with your little one. In addition, it is also good to do some muscle firming exercises so that you become stronger and your body gets more support. And who knows, maybe you'll get rid of it too!

  • More sleep

    Now that your baby sleeps longer and deeper at night, your night's rest is likely to have improved a lot. That does not necessarily mean that you are feeling very fit now. Some mothers feel exhausted rather than fit. Maybe you can then consider having your baby stay with someone once.

  • Menstruation starts again

    Women who are breastfeeding probably do not have menstruation, with the other ladies it can now get going again. Is your period more intense than before your pregnancy? Unfortunately, that's pretty normal because your hormone balance may have changed a bit. Women who are not yet menstruating must take into account that they can be fertile! So think of a contraception!


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Tips of the month

  • Try to interact with the baby as much as possible. Talk and sing so cheerfully and seek a lot of eye contact.
  • Peekaboo games are very hot when the baby is 5 months old. Besides, it is not only fun for your baby, also for you because he can burst out laughing!

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