Flying during pregnancy

If you are just pregnant and have already booked a flight, you do not have to cancel it. In itself it is fine to fly during pregnancy provided you do not hang above the toilet all the time. Many women choose to go on holiday for a while, because when the baby is there, these long flights or romantic holidays are a thing of the past. Read more about flying during pregnancy or it is dangerous, the "fit to fly" statement and when you are allowed to fly.

Is flying dangerous during pregnancy?

If you do not have problems, you can fly well during pregnancy. There is no medical evidence showing that flying increases the risk of miscarriage, preterm birth or birth defects. You have to deal with a slight cosmic radiation during flying. Some claim that this is harmful to the fetus, but if you fly very little, this is negligible. If you have to fly a lot for your work because you are a stewardess, for example, special regulations apply.

You also do not have to worry about air pressure. This is particularly annoying for your ears, but has no effect on your membranes. What you may be aware of is the fact that you have a slightly increased risk of thrombosis. You have this anyway when you are pregnant and flying increases this even more.

It is not that you are in danger of life, otherwise they would never let pregnant women fly. Yet you can take a number of precautions:

  • Stretch your legs regularly or walk around (every 20 minutes).
  • Sleep for half an hour each time.
  • Make sure you start moving after your nap.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Let the alcohol and coffee or cola stand for a moment.

Answers to some frequently asked questions about flying during pregnancy

  • Until when can you fly if you are pregnant?

    In general you can easily make a trip by plane if you are not yet 28 weeks pregnant. This means that you can certainly fly during your first trimester. Of course it is important that you have no problems during your pregnancy.
    When booking you must indicate that you are in good expectation.

    Are you already 36 weeks pregnant and would you like to make a last trip with your partner alone? Chances are airlines will refuse you. They do not really want to experience a birth on board.
    Do you get a multiple birth? Then you can already be refused at the moment that you are 34 weeks pregnant.

    Pregnancy declaration and fit to fly statement

    Between the 28 weeks and 36 weeks of pregnancy you could in principle still make a trip, but it is useful if you apply for a maternity certificate to your midwife. Often the term fit to fly statement is used for this purpose, but ultimately the airline decides whether they want to take you.

    Therefore, please contact the airline before booking the flight as the rules may differ. With the pregnancy declaration in hand, you can at least show how many weeks you are pregnant!

  • When can you fly the best during your pregnancy?

    You might think that you can fly the best during the first trimester, but that is not the case. The most ideal moment is in your second trimester. In the first 3 months of your pregnancy you can still suffer from pregnancy ailments. These decrease in the second quarter. You are also well mobile in this trimester and the chance that you like it is still fairly small.

  • What nationality will your baby receive if you have to give birth on board?

    The answer to this is a bit complex and depends on whether the aircraft is registered in the Netherlands or foreign. If the plane is foreign then the rules of that country apply and that can be quite different.
    If you have given birth in the airplane and are registered in the Netherlands, the following applies: Children born on or above Dutch territory are assigned the birthplace of the place where the baby leaves the aircraft.

    Does the Dutch plane fly internationally? Then the captain of the aircraft prepares a birth certificate with the coordinates of the place where the aircraft was at the moment the baby was born. The passport then shows the coordinates and the registration number of the aircraft as the place of birth.

    But, are you going to be on the plane and you are above America, then your child is American. In America, anyone born in American airspace gets American nationality! Possibly our government decides that your child is Dutch as well as American.

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