Best spot for potty training

Potty training is a very important moment during parenting. In the beginning it can sometimes be difficult, but if you succeed, you realize how wonderful it is. No more diapers! You can immediately save a lot of costs. If you start with toilet training, you must have a spotlight. It often happens that parents go for a cheap game, and later have to buy another one because the first one did not like it. Then you better do it right away and go for the best plaspot with good reviews from parents. Read here what you can pay attention to best spotlight for your child to buy and view the top 3 best selling spotlights!

When can you use a spotlight?

There is not one specific moment when parents should start with the potty training. It is entirely up to your child. Toilet training does not mean that you put your child on the toilet and so no longer need diapers. Potty training means that your child feels when he or she has to go to the toilet (the pressure) and that they realize that they have to go to the toilet when they feel that pressure. Your child can therefore indicate that he has to go to the toilet.

In fact, you can not make children clean, they have to do it themselves. This requires practice, because in the beginning a child does not know what that pressure is and they do not feel that they have to urinate.

When you can best use a spotlight?

That is the moment you notice that your child feels that he or she has to go to the toilet or show interest in the whole process of going to the bathroom. If your child can feel the urge, that is the sign that your child's nervous system has developed sufficiently. This is usually the case from 2 to 3 years.

On average, children between the ages of 2 and 3 are potty trained during the day. Usually children can be the first to poop in a jar. Later they can also feel when they have to pee. That does not apply to the night. After children have become tidy during the day, it usually takes another six months to a year before they stay dry at night.

Is your child later? That does not matter. About 25% of the children are 'only' clean when they are 4 years old. If your child has not been potty trained for 5 years and during the day, it is good to call the bell.
If your child is still 6 years old and not at night (bed-wetting), then you should also ring the bell. Although about 1 out of 10 children who are 6 years or older, it sometimes happens that they urinate in bed, but that is sporadic.

Signals that your child feels the urge

So you can best start with a pee pot if you notice that your child is ready. The easiest thing is of course that your child says that he or she must urinate or defecate, but in the beginning they can not always make that link. Sometimes you can see certain signals that your child can feel the urge. For example:

  • Your child regularly has a dry diaper for an hour or two.
  • You can see that your child starts to poop or pee. For example because he is standing or withdrawing. Always ask if he needs to urinate or defecate. This way you can subtly address the subject.
  • Your toddler is interested in going to the toilet or the contents of the diaper.

If you notice these signals, read these 8 tips on how to make your baby clean.

What is the best spot for potty training?

When you start with potty training you need a spotlight or toilet reducer with step. But what is the best spot or toilet reducer? Good question and actually that is a bit 'personal'.

First you can see what you like best: a spotlight or a toilet reducer. If you choose a spot, then you have various types. View this well to determine what the best spot for your child is.

  • Placemat or toilet reducer

    First check if you want to go for a spotlight or toilet reducer. Consider what suits your child best, or ask your child what he or she wants. If you can not make a choice then you also have spotlights that also have a toilet reducer. So two-in-one!

  • What many parents do is start with a spotlight and later switch to a toilet reducer.

  • The best play spot for your child

    There are several spotlights available. From simple pots to small sparks or a playpot entirely in Disney style. Points you always have to pay attention to are:

    • The jar must be sturdy and can stand well on the floor. Preferably with anti-slip.
    • Your child has to be able to put both feet on the ground, because your baby can sit more easily.
    • The jar should not be too small, because your child grows like cabbage. And of course you also want that everything actually comes into play!

The best plaspot at the moment

Below is a top 3 of the best plasters of this moment. These spotlights have good reviews and are sold a lot:

  1. Fisher Price Royal Pool & Stool: This handy spotlight is a spotlight, toilet reducer and stool in one! Furthermore, it has handles, anti-slip feet and is easy to clean. In addition, the game also plays a music when your child has done a message. No less than 5 stars out of 75 reviews for the best spotlight! That saves you a bad buy. Costs are around € 35, -
  2. BabyBjörn seat pot: A solid spot that stands firmly on the ground. The jar has ergonomic shapes and a high backrest for your child to sit comfortably. Because it contains an inner pot, it can easily be emptied. Thanks to the splash protection you also prevent that you spill! With 5 stars out of 26 reviews from parents! Costs of this most sold playpiece are about € 30, -
  3. Kees potty high back: A solid pot with high backrest, anti-slip and a removable inner pot with lid. This plaspotje has 4.5 stars by user reviews! Costs around € 15, -

Plasma spot with music or sound

To stimulate your child to sit on the spot, you can make it as fun as possible for your child. For example, by buying a pla on spot with music. Every time your child has delivered a message or message, a music will play. After a while your child will learn that the music will only be played when he has done a message. That can stimulate enormously.

Keep in mind that it can also be counter-productive: your child is frightened by the music and does not want to urinate anymore. This is not often the case, usually children like it very much. Plasters with music are for example the Fisher-Price Royal Potty or the Tomy Disney Minnie Mouse toilet training system.

Nice book for toilet training including pee stickers

Another 'nice' spotlight is a magic pot with a plassticker or you buy loose plastic stickers. You stick these stickers in the jar. On the sticker is a dark cloud, but as soon as your child has peed, the cloud turns into a happy sun! Of course, that is what your child wants to see every time and that way they get stimulated to urinate.

Whether a plaspot with music is also the best place to play is not necessarily necessary. This way of urinating makes it more fun for your child. If you notice that your child can feel the urge, but is not yet so enthusiastic about the spot, then you can try this kind of plaster with music.

Because let's be honest, you would also like to pee?

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