Baby coming? We help you with all your questions

Is there a baby comingThen you are very happy, but you also have a lot of questions. Read a lot about pregnancy and childbirth; With a subscription to, for example, our pregnancy calendar, you can help answer these questions.

Especially if you are pregnant for the first time, then everything is new for you and your partner. How does the baby develop during pregnancy? What can you all do and do not do? How do you prepare for the delivery? All questions that live with expectant parents. Pregnant women therefore often devour many books and magazines that provide comprehensive information about everything about pregnancy.

Baby what to arrange?

If you are pregnant for the first time, a lot is coming at you. Even if you have consciously opted to become pregnant, then you should be as shocked as you succeeded. After all, you are entering a whole new experience and your life is changing drastically. You often notice that you do not know much about pregnancies, childbirth and maternity leave.

For example, when should you tell that you are pregnant? And did you know, for example, that you should arrange maternity care in time? It is then nice to read early in the pregnancy about the different phases that you are facing.

Baby on arrival checklist yet? Read here what you need to arrange during pregnancy!


A pregnancy is a special experience, which can also be accompanied by the necessary uncertainty. By preparing yourself well you can partially remove that uncertainty. For example, it is smart to deepen as quickly as possible in which foods you can and can not eat.

It is also nice to know which ailments can be affected and when the first ultrasound will take place exactly. And until when can you actually exercise and fly? Another important question is of course how you will call the child. These are all topics that are covered on our website.

Baby coming? Information about the growth of the baby and the developments in your body can be read in our pregnancy calendar!

Childbirth and maternity

For the first time giving birth is of course very exciting and also a bit scary. A good preparation will help you to manage everything and remove as much uncertainty as possible. A smart tip, for example, is to have a so-called 'flight bag' ready with everything you will need if you want to give birth in the hospital. Here, for example, you put your toilet articles in and the first clothes for your baby.

Once you have given birth, you and your partner have to get used to your new life. However, family and friends are eager to come and admire the small ones. How do you handle all requests for maternity visit? Fortunately, you also do not have to invent the wheel in this area.

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In short, everything about being pregnant

Is there a baby coming? Then you can read as much information as possible about being pregnant, giving birth and the time that comes afterwards, prepare well as an expectant mother and reassure as much as possible. You know what will happen and how you can best deal with this. By reading a magazine or by visiting ZoZwanger you gain a lot of useful knowledge and you can enjoy a carefree pregnancy.

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