My favorite product: ice cream without guilt

Maybe you did not know this yet, but I love food very much. And not exactly in moderation. For years, or for as long as I can remember, it has caused me to have problems with my weight. Eating and drinking wine, beers or whiskey. Delicious! I was a real yo-yo and was in the classic cycle or downward spiral of eating, dieting and eating again. Terrible.

I have done a lot of diets and I think with me more than 50% of all women. This is just a gamble, is not it, I think a lot more. I have tried carbohydrate arm, Modifast, Cambridge, Atkins and so on.

Through all my diets my interest in nutrition and health arose. That is why I followed the weight-counting course a few years ago. Gradually I came to the conclusion that you have to find a diet or way of life that suits you. And also a weight that suits you. If you like food (like me) then you should not expect Doutzen Kroes figurine, because you just do not get happy about it.

Your own way is the best

The point is therefore that you look for a way that suits you, where you eat healthy and eat what you like, but still have that dress that you feel comfortable with. My way is: healthy food during the week, lots of sports and not looking at anything in the weekend. In addition, I searched for everything that was nicely 'healthier' alternatives. This means alternatives that contain less fat and sugar. And that works. For me then. Whatever I do is always try new products or recipes.

Eating healthy without much sugar or fat can actually be very tasty. I get my inspiration from very healthy people on Instagram and Facebook who are able to come up with a recipe themselves. I can not do that myself. If you search and look, you will find super tasty recipes and products that fit perfectly in a healthy lifestyle. Eating something tasty without guilt!

My favorite product of this moment!

So now I have discovered a product that I really love and I just wanted to share it with you. I want to say in advance that this is not advertising. But I am really enthusiastic about this. I found it very nice that I got to know this product through someone else's tip. You should actually see me as a friend who recommends something to you.

My favorite product is: Oppo ice cream!

Ice without guilt for the ladies with cravings

The reason that I share this ice cream with you is because I think it is an OUTCOME for the pregnant ladies who suffer from binge eating. We all know that it is not a good idea to get a lot of pounds during your pregnancy that do not consist of baby, amniotic fluid or placenta, but pure fat because you have to eat too much.

But of course that is easier said than done. So if you have an awful cravings to ice, buy Oppo ice cream. This ice cream contains between 85 and 74 kilocalories per 100 grams. Just for comparison: in Ben & Jerry's or Hertog ice cream is between 200 to 300 kilocalories. That saves more than twice as much! The ice cream is available in three flavors.

  1. Colombian chocolate and hazelnut
  2. Salted caramel
  3. Madagascan vanilla

Fine alternative, but of course not the real thing

I seriously think that Oppo ice cream is a great alternative to have in your freezer. So you can still give in to your binge eating without having to turn into a tensor. So I would definitely advise!

But to be honest, it's nice, really, but of course it's not the real thing. Sometimes you will still long for that deliciously creamy and oily taste of the real ice cream, preferably with thick chunks of chocolate. But if you can bring this back to every now and then and cover the rest of your cravings with Oppo ice cream you're pretty good at me!
You're welcome!

Oh and before I forget: Oppo ice cream is just available at the AH!

I am very curious what you think! And even better: have if you still have tips, spread the word!

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