Most popular baby names from 1990

Are you born in 1990? Then chances are that your name in the list below most popular baby names from 1990 prevents!

The year 1990 was also the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall, an event that is always in the history books. But this "of course" does not fall into the other important event: your birth!

Were your parents hip and original or did they choose a name that many other generation members chose? If your name is not in the list below with the most popular baby names from 1990 you know the answer to this question.

First of all the most popular girl names from 1990

The most popular baby name for girls was that year: Maria! A beautiful Christian name that got no less than 1068 girls on their birth announcement.
The complete top 10 with most popular girl names is:

  1. Maria
  2. Laura
  3. Anne
  4. Sanne
  5. Johanna
  6. Kim
  7. Michelle
  8. Linda
  9. Mandy
  10. Chantal

A list with many names that are still regularly given to girls at birth.

And the most popular boy names in 1990

If your partner was born in 1990 and your partner is a boy, he has the most namesakes when he is called Kevin! The name Kevin is registered no less than 1259 times in the birth certificate at the town hall.

The full top 10 with popular boy names is:

  1. Kevin
  2. John
  3. Jeroen
  4. Thomas
  5. Tim
  6. Mark
  7. Jan
  8. Dennis
  9. Jeffrey
  10. Michael

So if your husband or boyfriend was born in 1990, chances are that he got one of these names from his parents. Most names are Dutch names that are not out of place in this time.

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Would you give your child one of these most popular baby names from 1990?

Take a look at the list of most popular baby names from 1990! Is there a name that is also in your list for your future child? Or do you have a child whose name appears on this list? Let us know in a comment, because we are wondering if these names are still popular!

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