Swinging you do so!

Swaddling (or some people say raid) was once very normal, but has not been done much for a while. It is now swaddle your baby back again. It can really help to make your baby sleep better and safer. It is mainly done in babies who cry a lot and sleep badly.

It can also help a crying baby. Before you lay your baby in the cloths it is wise to always ask your midwife or the clinic how exactly it should be done and whether it is good for your baby. Read more about the benefits and when you should not do it!

Advantage swaddling

Swaddling has the goal to let your baby sleep peacefully and safely. Some babies do this in their own right, but there are also crying babies or babies who are easily over-stimulated, restlessly asleep, move a lot in their sleep and wake themselves up or babies who can not sleep deeply.

It can also help babies with intestinal or stomach cramps. With swaddling, you wrap your baby tightly. Because of this, your baby can not 'beat' himself, he or she is more quiet and your baby can give in to sleep sooner. An additional benefit is that it can be very soothing for babies, that they start to cry less and so sleep through earlier.

How can you swaddle?

As we just mentioned, it is advisable to always consult with your midwife or consultation office whether you can swaddle your baby and how to do it exactly. Basically it means that you wrap the baby in a swaddle cloth.

If you are going to swaddle, you must ensure that the arms are almost straight. With the arms you wrap your baby tight and at the legs slightly looser. There must still be enough room here to bend the legs in a frog position. Always use a cotton cloth and do not enter with a hydrophilic diaper. You can also decide to have your baby baked at night, but you can also have several moments in the day. Keep a clear rhythm here.

Swaddle for every baby?

Swaddling is not necessary with every baby. For example, not when your baby is sleeping well and is well rested. The purpose of swaddling is really to have babies who are restless, quickly over-stimulated or only briefly help to sleep better. So see it as a tool, not as a solution for crying babies or a crying baby.

From which age to swaddle?

If your baby only sleeps for a short time, becomes tired and therefore cries a lot and is your baby around 6 weeks old? Then, after consultation with your doctor or obstetrician, you can try to do something.

At what age do you want to reduce the amount of time spent?

From the moment your child starts rolling or trying to run, it is good to finish the swaddling. Usually this is from 4 months. When your baby is 6 months old, you must actually have stopped altogether.

You can finish off by, for example, switching to a sleeping bag or by releasing one arm. You can also choose to have your baby in the night only and not during the day. Do you notice that your baby is trying to turn his or her belly? Stop immediately, otherwise it can become very dangerous.

Getting used to swaddling

It is possible that the baby will cry the first day. That is not very strange, your baby has to get used to swaddling. In this habituation phase it happens that babies still cry in the cloths. This is usually the case when the baby is over-tired and over-stimulated. Try to keep it going, because your baby still has to learn to fall asleep by himself.

Always combine swaddling with regularity, little stimulation and predictability. Is your baby used to it? Then you will notice that after a few days. It is possible that your baby sleeps for 2 days as a rose to make himself heard again the third day. This is a normal 'dip'. Your baby is super equipped and has strength to resist sleep.
Keeps full, usually this is over after a day.

Some babies are better not swaddled

If a baby has one of the following ailments, it is better not to include:

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