What can a baby hear and see in the womb?

You will probably not be able to remember it altogether, but when you were still a baby in the belly, you could already hear and see in the womb! Bizarre right? Especially the hearing develops strongly and that also has an important function. Because your baby can hear you, he or she can later recognize your voice after the birth, which can be very reassuring in that scary world outside the womb.

For this reason, doctors and obstetricians recommend that you talk a lot to your baby. Read more about what your baby can hear and see in the womb and when it develops.

What can a baby feel in the womb?

From around the 8th or 9th week of pregnancy, the arms, legs, hands and feet are almost completely developed. From the 12th week, the limbs become sensitive to touch and touch. The fetus starts to move more and more. From the 15 weeks pregnant your baby has more and more control over the limbs and he is going to have a better scan.

So your baby can feel the face, go thumbs or grab the umbilical cord. Also hard knocks on the belly will not pass over to your baby. Unfortunately, your baby will not be able to notice anything when you affectionately stroke your belly, but perhaps your love is felt anyway.

From when can a baby hear and see in the womb?

The hearing of your baby is almost entirely developed if you are 16 weeks pregnant. From then on, your baby will start picking up some sounds, but he or she will not yet process them. Between the 19th week and 21st week of your pregnancy, your baby can hear better and better. Although your baby has probably learned to recognize your voice before, it is certainly the case at this stage.

What else can your baby hear in addition to the voices of his or her parents?
Well, for example, the sounds that your body makes. Think of your heartbeat, breathing or your rumbling stomach or intestines. You can also detect loud pops or other loud noises and even scare them!

What can a baby hear and see in the womb?

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Why talk to your belly is good?

If you talk or sing aloud loudly from 19 weeks onwards, you always have someone who listens to you faithfully. Research shows that when you often talk to your baby, he or she can even recognize your voice after birth. Therefore, often let your partner and any brothers or sisters talk to your stomach. These recognizable voices work very soothing for your baby after it has entered the wide world.

What can a fetus see in the abdomen?

From 28 weeks pregnant your baby can hear and see in the womb or belly. The eyes are completely open from this week. Now there is not much to see in the womb and it is also not yet known whether your baby can actually distinguish forms.

Italian scientists believe that babies can already gain visual experiences in the third trimester of pregnancy. The only question is whether your baby gets enough light. When a pregnant woman is naked in the light, only 0.1 to 1% of the light reaches her fetus.

So it remains a bit of a dark affair there in that uterus. But even though your baby may not be able to distinguish shapes yet, he or she can perceive light and darkness. From the 28th week of pregnancy, the baby can hear and see in the womb!

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