Pregnant and cleaning products, so you clean safely and environmentally conscious

Since I wrote a piece about nesting and pregnant and cleaning productsI've started to think about it more and more. Why do I use so many aggressive cleaning products? These resources are not only bad for my floor (I have natural stone), it is also pretty bad for the environment and my body. And do you know what it is? You do not even need aggressive cleaning products for a spik and span house. Then what? Read more about safe cleaning products for your pregnancy and the environment.

Pregnant and the use of cleaning products

Have you ever seen that you clean with a certain cleaning agent, and that this is completely on your breath? That is the chemical means in the stuff. Previously I used a lot of bleach and I threw all my toilet with it. Then all bacteria were nicely killed! I also cleaned my shower with a powerful detergent, which was so strong that after 5 minutes I always got a little high out of the shower. I always felt that everything was only really clean when I used aggressive drugs against it.

That was probably also the case, but there was for me a very big downside to these cleaners: they ruined my floor (I have natural, one drop of my floor and turn white). In addition, I also read more and more that if you are pregnant not all cleaning products are equally handy. And not very unimportant: many resources are bad for our environment! Time for change! With the new generation coming up, I felt called to switch to better cleaning products.

Pregnant and cleaning products, safe cleaning back to basic

For some reason I always like it when grandmothers advice on the household is still accurate. When it comes to cleaning, that is often the case. In my search for safe cleaning, being pregnant and good cleaning products, I found out that you only need 3 things in the basics.
And these 3 things were always in the cleaning cabinet with my grandmother:

  1. Vinegar
  2. Soda
  3. Green soap

What can you do best with these environmentally conscious and pregnancy cleaning products? I'm going to tell you!

Cleaning vinegar and pregnant

Cleaning vinegar is a real all-rounder in terms of cleaning. Actually a bit similar to all-purpose cleaner, but completely natural. This can all be cleaned with cleaning vinegar:

  • Windows and mirrors:

    Mixing vinegar with a little water and sighing. Then take off with an old newspaper and the windows are streak-free! Wiping with a dry cloth also helps!

  • Cleaning scaling in bathroom and bathroom:

    You can easily clean your bathroom with vinegar. Make a mixture of ¾ water with ¼ vinegar and you clean the tiles beautifully. Extra useful: put this mixture in a spray bottle! Do you have a stubborn attack? Then spray the vinegar on the tiles and let it take effect before you scrub it off. If your tap is very white, you can put a cloth soaked with vinegar on the tap. Allow the night to settle in and scrub the next day.

  • Toilet cleaning:

    You can pour a cup of vinegar into the toilet for stubborn lime or dirt. Let this work overnight. The next day, clean your toilet with the brush! The bad smells also immediately disappeared.

  • Cleaning tile floor:

    Mix some cleaning vinegar with water and your tile floor is streak-free clean!

  • Cleaning oven and microwave:

    Put a dish with boiling water and cleaning vinegar (or slices of lemon) in the oven or microwave. Then set to the highest setting and wait for 3 minutes. The water with vinegar / lemon then evaporates. The fat dissolves. You can then easily remove your oven with a cloth or sponge.

  • Descaling the kettle:

    Mix some cleaning vinegar or even better: table vinegar with water in the kettle. Let the kettle boil well a few times and the lime is gone. Let your kettle boil a few more times with just water and rinse it away.

Cleaning with soda

If you are pregnant and looking for good cleaning products, soda certainly belongs to this.

  • As an abrasive:

    With soda you can easily make an abrasive: mix it with green soap and put this paste on half a lemon. With this you can clean the surface.

  • Clean laundry:

    Stains in your white laundry? Put some soda in the washing machine tray. In case of stubborn stains or dirty sweat odors, you can first soak the clothes for at least an hour in warm water with some soda. Please note: this is particularly suitable for white clothing.

  • Cleaning the washing machine:

    It is good to clean your washing machine from time to time. Then sprinkle a cup of soda in the drum and let the washing machine run (without wax) at 90 degrees.

  • Drain unloading:

    Throw a lot of soda in the drain and rinse it with a lot of boiling water. In case of stubborn blockage, you can still carefully pour some cleaning vinegar into the drain after the soda, pay attention with foaming. Then rinse with boiling water. To prevent your drainage from clogging, you can rinse some soda with boiling water through your drain every 2 weeks.

Clean with green soap

Whether you are pregnant or not, green soap is a good cleaning product for cleaning everything. In fact, green soap should be your new all-purpose cleaner!

  • Flooring floors:

    Green soap degreased and is therefore very suitable to mop your floors. Thin well! Do not use green soap if your floor is made of marble or linoleum.

  • All-purpose cleaner:

    Mix 100 grams of green soap with water, shake well and you have an excellent all-purpose cleaner!

  • Stains in clothing:

    Do you have stains in clothes? Lubricate some green soap, let it withdraw and then in the washing machine.

  • Grease stains:

    Do you still have places in your baking dish that do not go out? Smear it with green soap. Allow it to retract and rinse well.

  • Oven:

    Rub your dirty oven with green soap, leave it overnight and remove it the next day with a cloth.

  • Tiles in the garden:

    Green on your tiles or garden furniture? Make a soap with green soap and take the garden furniture off or pour it over the tiles and scrub with a sturdy broom. Just rinse and ready.

Do you still have good tips for pregnant women and environmentally friendly cleaning products? Let us know! On to pregnant and cleaning products that are good for cleaning and nature.

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