First working day after delivery

After the birth you still have about 10 to 12 weeks of leave. A nice time to get used to living with a small baby and also to get to know those little ones. Maybe you can not get enough of it, but it can also be that after a few weeks it will start to itch again. You want to work again. Your life with the baby will be very different. Living with your baby and also working will be completely different.
But remember: you will need time to get into the rhythm and usually it will be all right after a while. Read more about this in this blog first working day after delivery.

First working day after maternity leave

A night with hardly any sleep is very annoying. You can still take care of this during your leave by taking a nap together with your baby. Of course that will not happen anymore. In addition, those 'relaxed' mornings where you might have been walking around in your dressing gown for a bit too long after feeding, are also a thing of the past. You now have to be somewhere at a certain time, namely at work.

And that means: stress in the morning! Because you want to take a shower, you have to dress yourself, make an effort to get rid of your bags and meanwhile your baby calls to be fed. After that you have to dress up your baby and collect all things so that your child can be taken away. Then have breakfast and bring your lunch. And this is only the morning!

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Good preparation first working day

In order to survive your first workday after delivery as well as it can, preparation is crucial. Put your clothes and those of your baby ready the night before. Make breakfast and lunch and pack the diaper bag so that in the morning you only have to shower, dress up, feed and dress your baby and ready. It would also be good if your partner helps a hand if you get up at the same time.

Farewell to your baby

What can be very difficult on that first working day after delivery is saying goodbye to your baby. For more than 3 months you have hardly left his or her side and now you have a whole or half a day without your little one. Difficult! Do not underestimate this! It is in any case difficult to say goodbye to your baby, but if there are still hormones through your body, it is even more annoying.

You'll understand. You can probably expect a small tear.

Fortunately this sadness ebbs away pretty quickly when you drive to work in your car. Although you will still miss your baby for the rest of the day or worry yourself. At such a moment you can best call the location where your darling is located, just to check.

Do not let yourself get stuck.

Back to work after delivery

The first working days after the delivery are immediately the most difficult days. After that, hopefully you will find your turn more and more. For example, you get a better routine. To make things run smoothly as quickly as possible, here are a few tips that are very important for a good preparation and course of your first working day after delivery:

  • Try to prepare yourself and your baby to be separate from each other. You can do this by taking your baby away for a few hours during your maternity leave to the babysitter or grandfather and grandmother. Some nurseries have practice mornings, please check this out.
  • Before you get back to work, get all the groceries of the coming week already in the house and think about what you're going to cook that week. Believe me: that saves a lot of stress. Do not forget to have healthy snacks such as tomatoes, carrots or fruit at home. This prevents you from eating something unhealthy when you come home with hunger.
  • Visit your work a few weeks before your first workday after the birth. So you can already have a chat with your colleagues, get some feeling at your workplace and of course show your baby. To go along can be very helpful to be informed and to catch up with your colleagues.

Breastfeeding at work

Did you know that as a brand new mother you will be made easier to continue breastfeeding if you start working again after giving birth?

  • Keep breastfeeding? Practice a few weeks in advance (preferably 5 to 6 weeks after delivery) with flasks and allow your baby to get used to drinking from the bottle. This will save you a lot of problems! It is also good to have a supply in the fridge. Frilled milk can be stored in the refrigerator for about 5 days.
  • You can continue to breastfeed well when you start working. Discuss this with your employer beforehand. He or she is obliged to give you a good space where you can gently poke or feed (when you have the possibility to take your baby to work or have it brought)
  • You have the right to spend a quarter of your working time on flasks or breastfeeding until your baby is 9 months old, without losing your breaks.

Work after maternity leave experiences

Every mother will have to swallow if she leaves her daughter or son behind. That will never be very easy. Some mothers even feel that they are abandoning their child. Even if you leave your child with your parents, in-laws, the expert hands of the babysitter or day care center or even with your own partner. You always feel that no one can take care of your child as well as you do. But you are also a mother for that.

The first working day after delivery will take a while. Many women also notice that they struggle to keep up with everything in the beginning. But after a while everything really gets better. Many women even indicate that after a while they find it lovely to be back to work.

Can not work after maternity leave

Do you suffer from complications? Can you not afford to work again or is this not possible due to circumstances? Then always be honest and open to your employer. Sometimes it can really help to try it anyway. In most cases it is not that bad. Some women even indicated that, after they had passed through the sour apple, they went whistling to work.

Is it not possible to work due to mental or physical problems. Think of pelvic instability or a postnatal depression, then you can get into the sickness law. The company doctor will then examine you and discuss with you when you can get back to work.

The first working day after delivery can be quite heavy. Prepare well and try to see the positive sides, such as more social contacts and make you useful again.

Tips for the first working day after delivery

Working after leave can be incredibly heavy. In the first instance, make sure that you make good preparations. In addition, the following tips can help you if you start working again after the pregnancy:

  • Are you already aware that you are very worried about your first working day after delivery while it still has to come? Maybe it's an idea to let your little one sleep with your parents the night before. Then you can start on your first day without having to arrange everything for your baby.
  • It is more than normal that you do not immediately work at your old level at work. In fact, that is almost impossible. In the beginning you will really have to come in for a while. You will be slower and distracted (by thinking about your baby). Your body is also still developing. This means that you can still suffer from the pregnancy hormones. Because of this you can be more forgetful and feel a little bit sleepy. But this is over!

Make it negotiable!

  • Do you worry about whether you are going to function properly? Then discuss it with your boss! Honesty always lasts the longest. Discuss together whether it is possible that you start with some easy jobs so that you can get on well. What can also help is to plan an evaluation with your supervisor or boss in the beginning so that you can properly discuss the progress.
  • Agree with your partner that you alternate the night feeds. So one night your partner does it and the other night you. It is best to lie in a different room on the nights that you do not need to be fed so that you do not wake up. Make sure that your expressed milk (if you are breastfeeding) is in the refrigerator. In the weekends you can crawl right next to each other again.
  • In the first weeks, do not plan any appointments in the weekends so that you can catch your breath and of course you can take the damage with your baby.

All in all, there is plenty to think about for you first working day after deliverybut if he is still far away I would especially enjoy the maternity period.

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