33 weeks pregnant

You are 33 weeks pregnant, only 7 weeks left and you can go puffing and squeezing. You are probably starting to look forward to this more and more. Your baby keeps growing, so that your ailments and immobility continue to increase. Your baby now weighs 2000 grams and is just as big as a pineapple! The weight of your baby will increase even further by about 230 grams per week. In terms of length it is only a few centimeters.

Shovels become more painful

Your little sprout now makes about 500 movements a day. If you were happy at first that you felt kick, then you will find it rather annoying now. Now that you are 33 weeks pregnant, the amniotic fluid in your uterus is making more and more room for the baby. As a result, the movements of your child are no longer inhibited or softened. There are even women who get slightly bruised ribs or bruises through the baby's kicks.

To put it only positively: your baby is getting stronger and that will be very important after the birth! If your child is born now, he or she is already reasonably well able to live outside the womb. Your delivery will always have to be in the hospital if you are only 33 weeks pregnant.

33 Weeks pregnant: ever stronger senses

The senses of your child are still developing. This way he or she can hear your voice better (so speak to your baby) and light is noticed better and better. Now that you are 33 weeks pregnant, your skin and the uterine wall have become slightly thinner and there is also a difference in the womb between day and night. The light from outside is therefore better.

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Pregnancy dementia

Are conversations going more and more around you? Will you not be able to read long documents (like maybe this blog) without having to start over again? Have you lost something several times a day?

If this is the case, then you suffer from pregnancy dementia. The fact that you forget things or are no longer so "involved" has to do with the fact that you are consciously and unconsciously busy with the arrival of your baby. And that is not surprising at all!

Try to work with notes as much as possible. As soon as you have to do something, write it down! Also go shopping with a list. Or better yet: have the groceries delivered! Now that you have been pregnant for 33 weeks, you do not have to walk that easily anymore. Nowadays you can order your groceries online at almost every supermarket!

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