Remodel and pregnant

Do you have a beautiful free room in your home right from the start that is perfect as a baby room? Then you may clap your hands or you are very well prepared. Most parents still have room for a baby room. And the need only becomes high when the pregnancy test is positive. You may want to enlarge rooms, place a dormer in the baby room, replace window frames or make a playroom. Whatever it is: sometimes you do not get out of it and you have to renovate. But is remodel and pregnant a handy combination?

Pregnant and odd jobs

Pregnant and odd jobs, there are certainly better combinations. In the first quarter you can still do quite a lot, but from your second trimester you are increasingly limited. In addition, from then on you have to be careful that you do not lift heavy things. Pay attention to this really well, because because of your growing belly you very quickly have an injury in your back, and then you are much further away from home. If you really have to lift something, always lift from your legs and not from your back.

Another reason why remodeling and getting pregnant is less useful is that you do not get totally at rest. Especially in your last trimester, rest is very important and that need increases as the due date comes closer. There is a reason that you have to go on maternity leave 4 weeks before you are calculated!

And just believe: being tired before the baby is there anyway is a real no go. Because you will not be able to get that sleep in the coming months.

So plan all the job chores in the beginning of your pregnancy. It can not be any different and things also have to happen later, always make sure that you suffer as little as possible from yourself and switch on help from friends, family or the professional.

Rebuild and pregnant? Always make sure you can take your rest and have little trouble

Inhale dust during pregnancy

If you are going to renovate and do chores during your pregnancy, be careful with the substances you breathe. It is better not to expose yourself to chemicals such as turpentine, ammonia or aggressive cleaning agents. Does it have to be painted? In the case of paints and pregnant, make sure that paint is used on a water basis and not on a white spirit basis and always keep the rooms well ventilated.

For the sake of certainty, it is not a superfluous luxury to wear a mouthpiece if your house is one big dust cloud. Now dust is not immediately very harmful, but if there are pieces of paint, for example. So do not scour yourself with paint that has been put on, which can be lead-bearing. Do you want to take it for the uncertainty? Make sure your lungs stay nice and clean or leave it to the professional!

Compare prices from painters in your area!

Always ask for multiple painter quotes and check if they also work with water-based paint.

Rebuild with baby

Of course you can also wait until the baby is there. Handy? No, neither. Just ask every parent: life with a newborn is already heavy enough, you really do not want to be in the rubble. Your little miracle is also very delicate and sensitive to harmful substances. So wait until your baby is strengthened and has a good immune system before you break down the hut.

A small baby needs almost no space, so why would you take that trouble right away? First enjoy your child and start the renovation when it feels good (after half a year or year). So building with baby is just as awkward as growing and getting pregnant!

Refurbish housing well during the beginning of pregnancy

The trick to not be in the middle of the renovation is to plan well. It is best to have this done before you are pregnant at all, but in reality this is often not feasible.

Renovate and get pregnant before the little one is there? Then one thing is super important: good, tight yet feasible planning and efficient preparation. Decide well what needs to be done, how you will tackle this and who will do what and when. Take into account the fact that as a pregnant woman you can not contribute very much during the renovation. It is better to outsource sowing, painting and sanding. What you can do is to monitor and delegate preparation and planning.

Compare quotes from movers in your area!

Experience for yourself how relaxed it is to hire a moving company if you are moving during pregnancy.

Self on holiday during renovation home

Do you want to know what secretly is best when renovating? Make sure you are very far away from it. Especially if you are a little further in your pregnancy. Since you can not do very much (in terms of physical work) you better take your rest and go on vacation. If you are financially capable, it is good to outsource the renovation to a good contractor. Then everything is done well and you do not have any stress. Because a lot of stress is not good for the baby either.

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