Mothers for mothers, collecting urine

Getting pregnant is not a matter of course for everyone. Some women do not manage to get pregnant without help in the form of hormone treatments and medicines. With the pregnancy hormone hCG medicines can be made that stimulate ovulation. Because it is impossible to imitate the female pregnancy hormones. Hence, there have been more than 75 years urine from pregnant women is collected to take the pregnancy hormone hCG. Mothers for Mothers arranges that collection!

Mothers for Mothers bring or collect urine

The hCG hormone is thus extracted from the urine collected by Mothers for Mothers. This is done through a complicated and costly procedure. Millions of liters of urine only produce a few grams of the pregnancy hormone. Pharmaceutical companies of the hCG hormone then make a drug. This medicine can be used in the treatment of infertility.

Why is this urine needed from pregnant women?

Nowadays, one in six couples is suffering from reduced fertility, especially thanks to artificial fertilization, the chance of a pregnancy can also increase for them. In this type of treatment, doctors use medicines containing the hCG hormone, such as the pregnancy hormone 'human Chorion Gonadotrophin'. This hormone can be removed from the urine of pregnant women.

The hCG hormone is produced by the body in the first four months of pregnancy. The largest part disappears through the urine and with the help of the hCG hormone a medicine is made that stimulates ovulation.

Mothers for mother's collection point

By looking at the video below you can see the experiences of other women with "Mothers for Mothers". Thanks to the urine of pregnant women, medicines can be made to get other women pregnant. Share your happiness and join.

Do you want to know more? Go to the Mothers for Mothers website. You can register there and you will find information about the collection area and more. You can register until the 11th week of your pregnancy.

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