Organizing Gender Reveal Party: Making the sex of the baby known!

The party girls among us will agree with me: there is always a reason for a party. And now we have another party thanks to America Gender Reveal Party. Simply put, this is a party where you make known to your family or friends the gender of your baby.

Because let's be honest: is not that something that everyone wants to know and is super curious about? Are you going to organize a Gender Reveal Party then you make a nice spectacle of it and build up the excitement. Read here nice ways to make the gender of your little one known with our Gender Reveal Party ideas!

Announce baby sex

Telling the phone over the phone to get a boy or girl is of course very boring. In any case: they find that in the USA. In addition to the baby shower and cake smash, the Gender Reveal Party has now also come over from America. And let's be honest: it is totally unnecessary, but secretly still fun! You can handle it as big as you want.

In America they will probably make a big party to announce the sex of the baby with 100 guests. We as the sober Dutch also make a small party for only the grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts and uncles. They will find it the most exciting.

The goal of the Gender Reveal Party is that you announce the gender of your baby in a fun way. The most famous way is with a cake. The outside of the cake looks neutral, the inside has a pink or blue color. This can be pink or blue batter, but you can also add delicious pink or blue M & Ms.

Make it exciting for yourself too!

Do you want to make it really exciting? Let it be a surprise for you yourself. How to do that? Ask the midwife or the person who makes the echo to pass on the sex of the baby to the baker where you will order the cake.

Or you ask if the person writes down the redemptive answer and gives it in an envelope so that you can hand it over to the baker or someone else who is baking the cake.

Although it takes a lot of self-control in between not to open that envelope or to threaten your baker to tell it, it is very nice if you are just as surprised about the sex in front of all your loved ones.

Gender Reveal Party ideas and tips

Making the sex known with a cake is one way, but there are many more fun opportunities to boost the tension and eventually announce the sex (popping). Below some nice ideas for your own Gender Reveal Party!

  • Cupcakes or cake pops

    Are you more of the cupcakes? Also with these delicacies you can make the gender known. If you want to tackle it a little more subtly, you can opt for cakepops. These are very small cakes on a stick. Super cute!

  • Say it in a fortune cookie

    What is also a very nice way to announce the sex of the baby is to write it on a note and put it in a fortune cookie. How fun?! You can simply put 'It's a girl' on it, but if you have a lot of inspiration you can also make it a nice saying. Since you can not get these fortune cookies from a Chinese or toko, you will probably have to make them yourself. You can also always try to order them on the internet. Nowadays you can order everything on the internet.

  • mom the intern

  • Scratch cards

    Who ever buys a scratch card knows how exciting it can be to scratch such a box. And besides, it is also just fun to do. Do you want an original way to announce the race without a lot of hassle? Then these or these scratch cards are very nice, especially because they can be ordered at Etsy!

  • Photo shoot

    Why would not you just do a photo shoot? This will kill several birds with one stone.

    • You have had another nice photo shoot
    • You have beautiful pictures of your pregnant belly
    • With the most beautiful photo you can make an invitation or card on which you make the gender known
    • You immediately have a nice photo for Instagram to make it known to everyone later
  • Balloon with surprise

    Another super original and especially popping way to announce the race is to fill a balloon with pink or blue confetti and to prick it at the party. Or you hang several and you do the color of the gender in one and in the other a neutral color. Then you make a game of it and 'wins' the one that pricks the right balloon. You can do your own jobs, but you can also buy a ready-made black balloon with confetti. This balloon and other super cute gadgets and stuff for your gender reveal party can be found here.

Have fun and please let us know how you did it!

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