Week 10 and 11: super sick and the first load of baby stuff

In these two weeks I reached the low point in terms of physical condition as 'reward' for staying up late on my husband's birthday. Luckily it did not last long and the 11th week of the pregnancy started with all new baby stuff for little Hoppie (that is how our child is in my stomach for the time being).

Week 10: A new car, birthday and super sick!

Ten weeks pregnant !! I am finally in double digits, something that was a small milestone for me! This 10th week of my pregnancy started wonderful, because today my husband and I could pick up our new second-hand car. A fast red Alfa Romeo. Vroommmm! What a nice car to drive in! My mother is already holding her heart.

The day after that, I had the birthday of my husband, which I actually did not like. I knew from some of my husband's friends that they did not leave early. As my fatigue increased every time, I wondered if I would not be gaping in the chair at 11 p.m.

What also did not bother me was the fact that we had to tell my husband's friends that I was pregnant.

Because I'm on a birthday without wine ... That would be just as weird as a pope who never goes to church.

And in addition, everyone knew that we were trying to get pregnant.

Oh and another thing: I can lie very bad or hold something for me. So it was impossible to tell the pregnancy. I only found it annoying that all my husband's friends would know before my own friends and family. Anyway, I could not do much about it.
To my own surprise, I kept it off until 2.30! Pretty good, but I knew that ...

Sick and super pathetic

The day after the birthday I woke up with the feeling of having drunk 3 bottles of wine. I thought I just did not have to be broke anymore? This is how it feels when you go to bed soberly ... Also no fun. Or maybe I felt like that because I was fully pumped with pregnancy hormones.

Still, in comparison with my husband who was really broke, I was able to drag myself reasonably forward that day. See you Monday. In the night from Sunday to Monday, I woke up every hour because I had to go to the bathroom and had an extremely dry mouth. So dry that I just could not swallow. A kind of nadorst. In addition, I also had mega sore throats and I already felt the mood: I got sick!

I was ill and oh little boy, I felt sad, miserable, a little depressed and irritable.

There was no country to sail with that pile of misery on the bank. I felt super lame and when I had to get up from the couch (to go to the toilet for the 100th time that day) it spilled into my head and my headache got worse.
Being pregnant is not always pleasant, but being pregnant and ill: very bad combination.

For three days I felt terrible and I had to cry if I could not open a package. So I did not feel myself the coming weeks? I knew that in week 10 and 11 the pregnancy hormones reach their peak. You will feel worse than other weeks if possible. After week 11 it would decrease.
That would mean I would feel like that for another 2 weeks. No. That was not possible. I am an independent entrepreneur, I have to work differently, Roos has no money. In those 3 days I also just worked on, but then only the somewhat easier texts written that very little brain activity asked.

Week 11 of pregnancy

Fortunately, after 3 days the sun started shining again in the 'Roos' house and in the meantime I had landed in my 11th week. I did not feel at home at the beginning of this week. My nausea had reached a new level, I was pretty short of breath and the thought of sports alone turned my stomach around.

On the other hand, I had more energy than when I was ill and I could think about it again. The work went much better, although I had to leave a tear when I was not able to create a new e-mail account for ZoZwanger. Anyway, those are the hormones!

Free baby stuff!

What did my husband and I say good luck? A happiness that we have sisters who keep all their baby stuff for us. My sister-in-law had an entire attic full of all the baby stuff from her son. After an hour of searching and lugging my husband and I drove home with a crowded car.

We got a bath, co-sleeper, pram, camp bed, cot, Maxi-Cosi and even a ready-made diaper cake. I think there was more, but I do not know that anymore. But just look at the picture! Super lots of stuff. In any case, my husband and I do not have to make a lot of money for the baby room and that makes a huge difference.

In addition, we are already well in the rompers and other baby clothes because my sister has kept everything from her 2 children. So in principle, we do not have to buy anything in the first year. At least: if I can withhold myself. If you have friends, family or acquaintances who are already ready with the baby period: do not hesitate to ask if you can take over some stuff. That makes a huge difference in the baby costs!

Second echo

Later in this week we have our second ultrasound! Super exciting. I will write a blog about this later. If this ultrasound is good, then I think I will really be reassured. Because I am still not very honest about that now. A lot can still go wrong in the first quarter.

Keep you posted!

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