Baby shower or maternity visit?

For young parents it can be quite tiring to have new maternity visitors on the floor every time. That is probably the reason that one baby shower and stall party becoming increasingly popular. You invite everyone to come by at once, so you do not have to receive people for weeks. On the other hand, there may also be disadvantages to a baby shower. It therefore differs per person or you prefer baby shower or maternity visit.

Benefits of a baby shower or maternity party

  • The biggest advantage is that you have already had your maternity visit in one go. So you do not have to continuously take into account the arrival of people or to clean up in advance and afterwards.
  • A maternity party is usually organized 4 to 8 weeks after the birth. By that time you will feel a lot better and fresher than just after the birth.
  • By postponing the visit you can also first get used to your new life and rhythm without the people standing on the sidewalk.
  • Maybe there are people who would rather not give you an individual visit, but who would like to come by themselves. A baby shower is very suitable to meet everyone's wishes.
  • You do not have to entertain everyone yourself. The guests can also entertain each other.
  • A maternity party is very useful for a large circle of friends.
  • If you find it a lot of work to organize a maternity party yourself, you can also ask if someone wants to do it for you. Family or friends find this very nice to arrange.

Disadvantages of a baby shower

  • If you want to receive a lot of guests at your maternity party, it may not be possible to organize the party at home. Renting a room is quickly pricey.
  • Even if you give the maternity feast home, then you still spend a larger amount than you would at a separate maternity visit.
  • Maybe not everyone you want to invite can get along well. How do you deal with that?
  • Your baby has his or her own will and that sometimes can not match your schedule. It is possible that your child decides to cry for a long time while the living room is full of people. This can be stressful.

Tips for the baby shower

To make a baby drink smooth and stress-free you can use these tips:

  • Do the preparation of the baby shower already before your birth.
  • Create a gift list so that you get nice and useful gifts.
  • Speak an end time so that people do not linger too long.
  • Take into account the rhythm of other children and make sure they can enjoy themselves.
  • Make separate birth announcements and baby drink tickets, so you do not have to invite everyone to the maternity party.
  • Ask family and friends for help in arranging the baby shower and on the day itself. For example, someone can take on the role of host or hostess and take care of the guests.
  • Make sure your baby can lie down somewhere if he or she thinks the visit is too much.

A lasting memory with a guestbook

There are now very nice guest books for sale that you can use at a baby shower or maternity visit. Every visitor can write a nice little piece here and the book you are then a valuable and lasting memory of this time!

Baby shower or maternity visit?

What you ultimately choose is personal for everyone. A baby shower may be a bit more expensive than just a visit to the maternity ward, but you will be rid of it at once. However, keep in mind that even if you organize a maternity party, people will visit you on maternity visits. Especially your immediate friends and family can not wait so long to admire your baby. So even if you choose one baby shower or maternity visitgood agreements remain important.

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