35 weeks pregnant

The time has come for you again 35 weeks pregnant are! Your baby is now just as big as a honey melon, is 43 centimeters long and weighs 2500 grams. From this week your baby is almost finished. Only the brain is still developing, but that continues even after the delivery!

If you regularly feel some vibration or shock in your stomach, it means that your baby has the hiccups. This is going to get your baby more often and because there is not much room left in the uterus you notice that well.

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Reduced lung capacity

You probably already noticed that you had less air, which can reduce a little more this week. Your uterus is at its greatest at the time that you are 35 weeks pregnant. Your baby may have not yet descended and as a result presses together with the uterus on your lungs. In some women, lung capacity even drops by 25%.

35 Weeks pregnant: Loss of urine

Do you notice while coughing or when you have to laugh that you lose some urine? No need, that is very normal! Due to the pressure of your uterus and baby, your bladder is in trouble. You probably have to go to the toilet more often. In addition, the sphincter of your bladder no longer works optimally so you have less control. Urinary loss during pregnancy is called pregnancy incontinence. It will pass after the delivery.

Some women confuse urine with amniotic fluid and are worried that the birth has begun. In addition, you may have a bit more discharge by the end of your pregnancy. This can also be confused with amniotic fluid.

You can distinguish the water from urine and secretion by the color and smell. This is clear and amniotic fluid is also characterized by a sweet smell. Separation has a white color and does not smell sweet.

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More regular hard bellies

During the second and third trimester you can suffer from hard bellies. From the moment you are 35 weeks pregnant, the hard bellies can occur more often. This is because your womb is preparing more and more for childbirth and is exercising with contraction.

On some days you will suffer all day, other days will not. Usually you get a hard belly if you are too active. So do it even more quietly.

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