Lose weight after pregnancy with these 5 tips!

Lose weight after pregnancy is a topic that concerns most pregnant women to a greater or lesser extent. Do you want to lose your kilos healthy and fast after your birth? Today I share my best tips with you. I had my figure back within a week of giving birth. And a healthy sweet baby was richer.

Lose weight after pregnancy and birth with these 5 tips:

  • Tip 1 Drink water

    Let water be your medicine. Water is so terribly important in all processes in your body. Drink at least 2 liters per day. This helps to discharge waste more easily. Drink 3 liters of water during your pregnancy. This promotes the production of amniotic fluid (the more the better!) And the smooth development of the fetus.

  • Tip 2 Swallow vitamins and minerals

    We've talked about this before, about swallowing nutritional supplements. And I argue for it. I have been taking my daily dose of orthomolecular Vitamin C and Multivitamin preparations for a year now. The right supplements help you prevent deficiencies. This also makes it easier for your body to eliminate fat and other waste.

    Pregnant or not, nowadays you can no longer do without supplements. That is because our current food simply can not provide us with the right amount and quality of vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and minerals. These micronutrients help you stay healthy, fight diseases and excrete waste. Now you also understand why it is so difficult to lose weight if you eat very little (good). Your body will then receive nothing useful to carry along the waste battle. You also need micronutrients for proper development of the baby in your uterus.

    "Give your baby the best start you can give him."

  • Tip 3 Eat healthy

    This is the tip under the tips. Healthy food. Because what you do not arrive during your pregnancy does not have to be done after the birth. To make a long story short:

    • Eat little to no dairy and animal products.
    • Choose 100% whole grain cereal products.
    • Eat as much vegetables as possible and two pieces of fruit.
    • Go for unsaturated vegetable fats such as nuts, avocados and vegetable oils.
    • Avoid refined carbohydrates.
    • Boycott everything that has been edited and comes out of a package.

    'Knowing what is healthy and unhealthy is especially during a pregnancy, that is where fast and healthy weight loss really begins.'

  • Tip 4 Move and Relax

    Moving and relaxing often goes together. There is nothing as bad for your body as stress. Stress, hormones and tensions ensure that your body retains and sours waste.
    Especially during your pregnancy it is therefore important to stay relaxed and exercise. This keeps the processes in your body working. With that I mainly focus on your digestion and waste excretion. Pregnant women face digestive problems more than once because their bowels are compromised as the uterus grows. Move, sleep enough and drink water!

    If you want to lose weight after a Caesarean you must be careful with exercise. But if you had a normal delivery, then it is also right after the delivery to keep moving in moderation. No marathon or abdominal exercises of course. Try to do something every hour. Walk to the coffee machine, go to the toilet, walk a stupid round around the bed. It does not matter if you do anything. Do not be fooled by the maternity nurse!

  • Tip 5 Give breastfeeding

    There is a big difference between women who are breastfeeding and women who bottle-feed and the number of kilos that they lose after giving birth. If you are breastfeeding, you will lose your kilos super fast after your birth. And that is also very logical. Nature does its job here.
    Your body will add extra fat right at the start of your pregnancy. That fat serves as protection for you so that you do not lose too much fat when making milk and breastfeeding. You use about 500 calories per day. Count your winnings.

You can also lose weight healthily and quickly after pregnancy

I was back to my old weight within five days of my birth. A week later my stomach was tight again. You are sure to lose your weight with your five pounds. Good luck and have fun.

The book by Fajah Lourens can also be recommended for the sporty mothers: "Killerbody 3 - Back in Shape"

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