Development baby 9 months old

Now you baby 9 months old is, he literally does not sit still. Probably your little one crawls through the house a lot and he can sit on his own. Maybe he even tries to pull himself up and then make a first wobbly step. Does not your baby crawl yet? That is not bad at all! Read more about the development of a baby 9 months old here.

In short, a baby 9 months old

  • Your baby is going to crawl better and better and maybe already move up.
  • You get sweet little kisses from your little one (or head buttocks).
  • Fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination are getting better.
  • Your baby can sit on its own.

The development of a baby 9 months old

A 9-month-old baby has major physical and mental developments. This way your child can understand more and more and he will also look for your limits! Make sure that nothing in the house is more safe for those little, grasping hands, because your baby can move faster and faster! Have you already received a first kiss from your baby?

  • Baby jumped 9 months

    When your baby is 9 months old, he can experience a jump. This is a mental growth spurt. Your baby suddenly learns a lot of new things. That is very nice to see, but it can be tiring for your child. The result is that your baby is a little weepy and faster tired. Fortunately, a jump is only temporary and your child is wonderfully happy afterwards.

  • Understanding assignments

    Real words can not yet formulate a 9-month-old baby, but your baby understands more and more. He begins to recognize more and more words and even understands small assignments such as 'Come to Mom for a moment' or 'Come we go outside'.

  • Baby 9 months old feeding

    A 9 month old baby is getting less and less bottle or breastfeeding. Often this is only 3 times a day. The bottle or lactation makes way for real meals. For example a bread meal and hot meal. In between, your little one can enjoy some fruit and vegetables (portions of 50 to 100 grams).

  • Try to encourage the baby to eat as much as possible while eating. Then of course it is useful if you cut the vegetables, fruit and bread into handy pieces so that your baby can easily put it in the mouth. If your child is eating for yourself, praise him and show your enthusiasm. Does your little one sometimes refuse to eat something? Offer it another day just again, sometimes your baby just get used to it!

  • Baby kisses

    One of the best developments of a baby 9 months old are the kisses that you can receive for the first time from your little one. Okay, maybe it's headstrings in the beginning or your baby touches you with the cheek, but the intention is certain. Super cute!

Baby 9 months of toys

The baby gets the fine motor skills more and more under control. This way he can now use the primitive tweezer handle as well. This means that your baby can grab something between the index finger and thumb. Your little one can also grab something in one hand and pass it to the other hand. It is very good to practice this fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination with your baby, here you have a number of toys for. For example, packing and unpacking toys or putting figures into a corresponding hole.

Now that your baby understands more, it is also a good time to teach him how to clean up. Teach your child that he will put the stuff back in the bin after playing. Fun toys for a baby 9 months old: balls, stacking blocks, bath toys, books that make sound, toys that make sound and light, push toys, musical instruments such as a drum, cars and trucks, dolls and toy phones.

Increasingly better crawling and first steps

Your baby can crawl better and better, and will see the whole house. It is now really necessary that your house is baby-proof, because your baby will be faster than you think! Make sure all cleaning products are stored safely, check whether the sockets are protected and check your house for sharp edges.

In addition to crawling, your baby also starts to move more and more. Think of the bars of the box, the table, but also curtains are not always safe! If your baby can move on, it will not take long before the first steps are taken! These steps will be set sideways while your baby is supported by the table, cupboard or your leg.

Baby 9 months does not crawl

The ages at which children start to crawl and walk are very different. Some babies are already walking from the 9 months old, others wait until they are one and a half years old. That also applies to crawling. Some babies skip crawling and immediately start walking. Other babies do not crawl, but slide on the legs forward. Do not worry if your baby is 'behind', each child develops in his or her own way. The only thing you can do is continue to stimulate your baby in a fun way.

Sleeping for 9 months

A baby 9 months old sleeps about 14 hours a day and can be in dreamland for 9 hours in a row at night. Unfortunately, this does not apply to every little one. Especially if your baby is going to dream. This is because babies aged 9 months can sleep more restless and start dreaming. If your baby is restless, it is not necessary to wake him up, a pat on the cheek or ball is often enough.

How are mom, dad or the parent?

You may have noticed that your dear little baby, sometimes a little less sweet. A baby of 9 months old understands more and more and goes more and more to your limits. This can sometimes be difficult for you as a parent. When do you really have to perform?

Babies 9 months old need more guidance. So always clearly state your limits and show that your baby is not allowed. Always stay consistent! In addition, try to avoid having to say 'no' to your child every time. Do not leave things that your baby can not touch on the table.

If your baby has done something that does not hurt, ignore this behavior. For example when your baby has taken socks out of a drawer. Clean it up and pay no further attention to it, otherwise your baby will soon realize that he or she can do things to get your attention.

If a baby is 9 months old, you can also try to communicate with your child through hand gestures. So your baby learns earlier to make something clear. Read more about baby sign language here.


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Tip of the month with a baby 9 months old

Did you know that babies are crazy about rhymes? All sentences and songs with rhymes are better remembered than other sentences. You can therefore use this to stimulate the language development of your child. So pick up some booklets with rhymes and read something every evening. The more you read aloud, the more your child will recognize!

A very successful game to play with your baby is Paardje in Galop. Put your baby on your lap and sing the song. Do not forget the race horse, the farmer's tuber and the hole in the road!

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