Roos blogs: Am I pregnant ?!

After I had been on my bed for a week, it was time for the exciting nights in the bedroom. Of course everything carefully planned in my 'Period Calender' (this app is really recommended). I could still notice that my cycle was not optimal after the miscarriage. I also did not know exactly how long he was: 25 days or 28 days? So what do you do as a woman with a burning desire for children? Exactly: you take it for the uncertainty. This meant my husband took the bedroom a few days after my last menstruation day. And two days later.

But that was it. We were busy and it just did not work. Unconsciously, I told myself that it could not be hit this month. Certainly not if my cycle turned out to be 28 days. Because then we would have had a community of 5 days for my ovulation for the last time. That became difficult. Or the seed of my husband had to possess a tremendous survival power.

Infestation of pain or muscle?

For my dear followers it is no surprise when I say that I keep everything neat (or obsessive). Even the times that my husband and I have sex, I write well in my app. I could give you the dates of the days on which we have had a great time together. But probably that is not very interesting for you.

In addition to our adventures, I also noted everything I felt during the weeks after my fertile days. Because I have noted it, I can now tell you that I was stabbing a week after our last release and felt a nagging pain at the bottom right of my pubic area. The first thought is: implantation pain? Would it be anyway? I felt that nagging pain for several days in a row, which is not very normal with implant pain, you feel that for a few hours. So at first I was worried that I had an ectopic pregnancy.

'That is not possible'. My father said, clearly annoyed at my unrealistic fear.
'Everything is still so small, if it is an ectopic pregnancy, you can not feel it at this stage'. With these words I really felt like a stupid hat and suddenly I realized that a few days ago I had written a piece about an ectopic pregnancy. That's why I thought about that. Perhaps that is why doctors always find it annoying when people start googling their own aches. Because if you start diagnosing yourself, you will suffer from it all at once. My advice: do not. Anyway. That pain in my pubic area lasted for a few days. What turned out? I had stretched a muscle. How is it possible?

New super powers

You would think that after that strained muscle (literally and figuratively) I would forget the whole suspicion about a possible pregnancy, but that was not the case. Because something happened that I absolutely never suffer from. Not even if I have 3 bottles of wine or the next morning with a godly hangover on the couch.

I was nauseous. The whole day I was sick with strokes and that was very abnormal in my eyes.

When I went shopping later that day and lined up with scented candles, I thought I had to surrender. Gadverdamme, what about those things say! Five minutes later I stood in line at the cash register. A meter behind me stood a man who clearly forgot to take a shower (since a day or 3). I thought I was literally green with nausea. Wait a secondโ€ฆ

Nauseous and very good smell. Or I was developing new super powers where I could detect crime through my super well-developed sense of smell. Or I was really pregnant. So yes, even though I knew it was much too early: that weekend I did a pregnancy test. As an excuse I said to my husband (and myself): "I'd better know immediately if I am pregnant or not. Because then I know if I can drink a glass of wine. "
While I actually thought:

"I just want to know now, because I have pregnancy symptoms. I can not wait'.

The pregnancy test

I rushed to the drugstore that Saturday and got the 'Predictor Early' (pregnancy test that you can do a little earlier).
Somewhere I was convinced of a pregnancy. I pissed over the thing, put the test on the floor and stood in the kitchen to kick. My heart was in my throat.

"You have to watch," I said to my husband. He looked. "I think he's negative."

I snatched the test from his hands. Indeed. Negative.
I felt the tears in my eyes. What a disappointment. How is this possible? Then why was I sick? If I had not been nauseated, I would not have made a fuss about it. This was really mega ***.

The next day (Sunday) I went to Amsterdam with my husband to look at my sister's new home. And even there, my new super powers did not leave me alone. I just did not get my sister's coffee through my throat. I found him super dirty and smelly at once. That was strange. Rose that does not drink coffee?

Later we went to lunch together and suddenly I got sick of the smell of egg. For a while I wondered where that smell came from, until I later saw that someone was eating a fried egg two tables away. Yes ... I certainly got new super powers. But now it is waiting. Because I can not do a test for now.

I'll keep you informed. Maybe I'm pregnant. Or maybe you'll soon see me fighting the evil in the world with my new super powers in a tight latex package: mega good sense of smell.
You can then find me under the name GeurRoos 'The super woman who smells unsightly'. Sounds pretty good right?

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