Baby clothes for the winter

Have you put a winter child on the world? Or an autumn baby and will this baby spend the first months of his or her life in the cold too? That is not bad at all!
Many people say that you can give birth better in the spring or summer, but they do not understand it at all. Every season has its own charm. Okay, your child might be a little more hidden in thick clothes, a hat and a blanket. But if you choose the right baby clothes for the winter, your baby is really super cute. But of course he already was.
Read all the advantages of a winter baby, a few tips to dress your baby against the cold and nice inspiration for really the most hurtful baby clothes for the winter.

Benefits of a winter baby

Many women think that it is totally not useful to have a baby in the winter, but that is really nonsense. There are many benefits associated with a small winter baby. For example, think of:

  • The fact that as a newborn mom you can still hide your body in a layer of clothing!
  • You have time to get rid of a few pounds before you have to go to bikini.
  • During the dark and cold days you do nothing more than just cuddle with your baby, and you can!
  • You can literally get a breath of fresh air. Because believe me: just go outside when it is cold and you are tired is really a fix. Better than in constant heat where you only become more tired and slumber.
  • If you are going to brave the cold with your baby, chances are that you will fit in nicely during your walk. The advantage of this is that you burn more kilocalories! Huppakee!
  • In winter, your biggest concern is that your baby is not too cold. In the summer there are more concerns such as: does your baby drink well enough, your baby is not too hot, you have your baby well smeared, there is a mosquito in the room .... pffff.
  • In the winter there is really unwise cute baby clothing!

How do you dress your baby in the winter?

Before we switch to the unwise fun baby clothes in the winter, first a few tips to dress your baby well:

  1. Always work with layers instead of a thick sweater
  2. Pull your baby the same amount of layers as yourself and then 1 extra
  3. A newborn baby and a baby outside should always wear a cap
  4. Always ensure that the neck is covered when you go outside

You can learn more about how to dress your baby in cold weather here.

Super cute and fun baby clothes for the winter

Perhaps one of the nicest things about winter is the baby clothes. Really to melt. Here incredibly cute baby clothes for the winter. Please note, you may only be shopping in the next few hours. So prepare yourself!

  • In the summer you can do your baby in a cute romper, but that pale in the unwise endearing rompers that are for the winter. Think of this romper, for example. Amazing, right?
  • Of course you do not want your baby to have cold feet, that is not necessary because there are mega cute baby shoes available especially for the winter. Think of this or this with the name of your baby! A newborn baby is perhaps too small for booties, luckily the baby socks are not covered!
  • From the feet we go to the vest. Because that too is pure enjoyment when shopping online. How about this cuddly cardigan for girls or for boys! Fantastic right?
  • A big favorite of mine are those very nice baby toys with ears so you already turn a sweet baby into a beautiful teddy bear. And these masterly packages can only be taken out in the winter.

Do you have a Christmas baby or was your baby born just before Christmas? LUCKY YOU! Because the baby clothes for the winter is at its best around Christmas! Enjoy!

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