Perfect diaper change toolbox

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Today I came across a DIY (do it yourself) article about the perfect diaper change toolbox, which you can easily make yourself and take anywhere. This saves a lot of hassle and is easy to make yourself with stuff that you already have at home. So you do not have to take a diaper bag with you anymore.

How do you clean the diaper toolbox?

An American mother from California: Elizabeth Rasco thought it was quite a hassle to take so many loose things with her when she went out with her baby. So she came up with a solution. She takes an empty box of baby wipes and uses her rubber bands to attach a bag of wet wipes to the lid. This creates an empty space under the cloths and there you can put a few diapers in, besides there is enough space to put in an extra romper, a dressed up sheet and diaper bags.

Everything you need to change your baby so handy together in one compact box, which you can take anywhere and easily in a bag or stop under the pram.

Diaper change toolbox: Hit on social media

The post with images are now a hit on social media, the post on the page of PaintbyLiz is already shared by more than 109000 mothers which is really an amazing number.

The reactions are full of praise and the convenience of this simple diaper changing solution makes it very accessible to everyone.

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