Preparing for the pain during childbirth

A delivery is never painless. Most women who give birth for the first time often see this as disappointing. How bad the pain during childbirth is not to say in advance. Some women have a heavier delivery than others and in addition everyone has a different pain threshold. That is why it is wise to prepare yourself well and to try to make it as comfortable as possible.
How can you prepare yourself for the pain during childbirth? You read it in this blog.

Where does the delivery pain come from?

The pain you experience during delivery has several causes:

  1. The nerves around your cervix are coming under pressure;
  2. Your cervix is โ€‹โ€‹stretched (this happens during the contractions);
  3. The abdominal wall presses on your uterus;
  4. You have an oxygen deprivation in your blood vessels.

The longer the delivery lasts, the more tired you become and that makes the pain sensation even more intense.

Tips dealing with pain during childbirth. That way you can prepare

There are a few small tricks that help to make delivery go smoother and thus also reduce pain. And besides, there are things that you might be doing that will make sure that you experience more pain and that the birth becomes more and more difficult.

Therefore, try to remember the following tips for dealing with pain during delivery in order to treat the pain as well as possible. Just when you are in the awkward position.

  1. Try to relax and trust yourself

    The female body is made to give birth to a child. Maybe it seems impossible at times, but you too can put your baby on the world. Do not worry about this and say to yourself very often: I can do this.

    It does not help to feel anxiety before giving birth, this ensures that you are tense and feel more stressful. With the result that you cramped during the delivery and it can stagnate. During the delivery you can not decide that 'you will not succeed'. No matter how you get used to it, you have to go through the delivery and you will certainly succeed. Make yourself a real power woman and feel strong! Take away all your doubts now and keep firm when it comes to it!

  2. Do not resist yourself during the delivery

    If you start to resist the pain, your body makes adrenalin. This hormone ensures that your digestion is stopped. In addition, because you produce more adrenaline, you make less endorphins. Endorphins are a natural painkiller of your body. During your delivery your body maximizes this hormone to help you through it.

    But that is inhibited if you are going to resist the pain and therefore create more adrenaline. Always remember that the pain goes away as soon as your child is born. In addition, try to relax yourself by breathing in a controlled way. There are many breathing courses in the Netherlands that are certainly worthwhile.

  3. Count the contractions

    Imagine yourself counting the contractions during the delivery. Contractions last for about a minute. During a wee you experience considerable pain. At that moment it helps to count with the wee so that you are a bit distracted. When you reach 60, the wee is over again.

  4. Let yourself be heard if it becomes too much!

    Does it hurt so much that you want to scream? Then do that! There is nothing shameful about throwing out a big shriek. If you keep everything inside, you can not relax properly.
    If you do not want to scream all the hospital together, grab a pillow to mute the sound. So make sure you have this at hand!

  5. Provide a restful environment

    If you like it at home it is easy to give the room a soothing look. Put some scented candles for example. Maybe you can also choose a relaxed music.

Pain has a function

Whatever you can help if preparation for the pain during childbirth is the realization that pain has a function. The pain during the delivery you are feeling will help you to give birth.
As we already indicated, experiencing the pain causes your body to produce endorphins. This is a natural painkiller. In addition, endorphins ensure that the uterus is again more influenced by the contracting hormone oxytocin and that will ensure that your delivery is faster.
The sooner the delivery takes place, the sooner you get rid of the pain!

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