Roos is pregnant: Week 4 and 5

From the moment your period is not met and you can do a positive pregnancy test, you are already 4 weeks pregnant. So these first weeks are an 'egg'. Normally then. For women like me who are testing too early and therefore already have stress, it is an unpleasant period. But now that I finally saw the second indent clearly on my pregnancy test, I was happy. I was pregnant! How delightful!

To tell the good news

I did not wait for a moment and immediately told my sisters and parents who were super happy. I know: it's too early to tell people about it, but I can not keep these things for me. And then you will just see: the moment you know that you are pregnant, you suddenly have all social 'obligations'.

In one day I had the birthday of my nephew (my sister's child) and before that we celebrated Sinterklaas with another nephew (my sister-in-law's baby). So we saw my family and my husband's in one day. That is only heavy if you just know that you are pregnant, but I could not keep my valve, so my sisters were already informed.
Keeping my pregnancy hidden on my nephew's birthday would be impossible.

If I indicated that I do not have wine, my sisters would know immediately. That is the disadvantage if you are someone who never turns down a glass of wine!

So I did not really have a choice and I did not want to think up some strange excuse that they do not believe. I am a very bad liar and can not hold anything for me. My family knew it immediately, but the family of my husband did not know it yet. I thought he should decide for himself when he was going to tell the news.

"Are you going to tell me today?" I asked before we stepped inside. "I do not know," my husband said. But I knew he could not keep it for himself either. I had not even swallowed the first bite of my cake when I heard my husband say: "We have another news item!" Everyone jumped up to congratulate us.

Still a little worried

The first time I was pregnant, I was super happy and after a day I already had 3 pregnancy apps on my phone and a complete summary of the pregnancy calendar in my diary. I was so happy and I could not wait until I could take my little one in my arms.

But on my first ultrasound my joy was pushed to the ground and overshadowed by heavy clouds of sadness and disappointment: I had a miscarriage. I thought I had given the miscarriage a place, but I noticed now that I had not left it behind. I was happy, but careful. This time I did not put any pregnancy apps on my phone and I left the pregnancy calendar for what it was.

I felt the fear of another miscarriage gently pressing my shoulders.

I wanted to protect myself from such a big disappointment, so I tried to keep myself calm. My environment reacted the same. They were super happy, but also booked somewhere. I now heard cautious words such as 'maybe', 'first know for sure', 'possible' or 'just wait and see'.

I heard these words the first time I was pregnant, not because we were all blinded by happiness and thought that miscarriage would not happen to us. But it happened to us, and we had not prepared for that.

Actually, that stupid fear is that something can go wrong but annoying. It overshadows everything and instead of being very happy, I worried and dared not say anything with certainty. First wait for the ultrasound and also ensure that I was healthy.

Eating healthy and keep on exercising

If something went wrong then it would certainly not be up to me. With these thoughts I looked for a healthy daily menu for pregnant women and went to eat very well as the Nutrition Center advised me: lots of vegetables, wholemeal bread with halvarine, fruit and skimmed products.

In addition, I continued to follow my sports schedule that I already had, although I soon noticed that exercise was a lot less than before. Sometimes I got mega nauseous or felt faint. Despite my good intentions to live super healthy, I had two cold sores at the beginning of my 5 weeks and I was a dishcloth during exercise.

Pregnant week 5: Growing breasts and other taste

In my 5th week I noticed that my breasts started to grow. They were getting fuller and rounder but I still got them in my normal bras. In addition, my nausea also increased. At first I was sick once in a while, but now I am spreading more and more throughout the day.

What I also noticed in the fifth week was that my taste was something else. I had cooked and my husband and I were eating. I found it nicely seasoned and was delicious to taste. But with my husband the steam came from his ears. 'Jeetje schat, what did you do here? It is really super tough! '. I did not notice anything at all.

During the cooking I had tasted and because I thought it a bit faint, I had even thrown in some more herbs. The only thing I noticed was that I got a runny nose at some point. I did not really taste that it was very spicy, while my husband was really on fire. Haha. Maybe I should bet on someone now that I can eat a whole pepper. I do not taste it and I can make money on it too!

This time…

Actually, I can not complain. As long as you do not constantly hang over the toilet to cost, you can happily praise yourself. So that's what I do.I mainly try to stay positive and assume that the ultrasound will tell me that there is a beating heart.
This time no miscarriage. This time there is really a child. This time no disappointment and sadness. This time only luck and prosperity. Yes. This time it is going well!

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